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Personalized Scientific Editing

As a scientist and researcher, you deal with extreme competition. When it comes to publishing your manuscripts, your work must have sound research methods and be well-written. Science and academic journals have competitive review processes, with only a small proportion of papers submitted being accepted for publication. Having your scientific manuscript reviewed by a professional editor with a science background is one of the easiest ways to improve your paper and increase your chances of publication.

How Editor World’s Editing & Proofreading Services Help:

Professional, concise writing is needed if you want to publish your research and other scholarly work. Scientific editing helps you quickly improve your research manuscript.

  • A professional editor with experience revising research helps get your manuscript ready to submit more efficiently.
  • Our editing and proofreading services help you develop manuscripts that meet the rigorous requirements of academic and other research journals.
  • The need to publish your work quickly is a part of earning tenure and being promoted to higher career levels. Hiring a trusted editor is one of the best ways to make this happen.

What Our Clients Say

Research and trade journals need your paper to be clear, concise, and written professional to publish your work. Even if your research makes a substantial contribution to the field, submitting a poorly written paper makes it unlikely that it will be accepted for publication.

Expert Editors With Science Backgrounds

The team at Editor World includes academics and publishing professionals with advanced degrees from top universities . We help thousands of researchers publish journal articles in top-tier journals every year. When you need an expert with a thorough understanding of academic writing as well as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, the Editor World team is here to help.

Our PhD and Master’s level editors have years and even decades of experience. We work with you each step of the way to provide an editing and proofreading service that helps you succeed.

Our professional editors have the experience and expertise to help you get your research published. A few features of our editing team are:

  • Native English speakers
  • Advanced degrees from top Research I universities
  • Experience editing and proofreading scientific manuscripts
  • Completed a challenging application process (less than 1% of editors applying are approved)

Editor World’s scientific editing support is something you can’t get from your busy colleagues. When you need fast, high-quality editing by an expert, Editor World is the solution. Our average client ratings with Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau are 5/5 stars, and our average on-site editor rating is 4.9/5 stars. The revisions your editor makes also help you improve your writing skills so you can become an even better academic writer.

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Editing Original Scientific Research

A scientific editor is able to provide editing and proofreading of your manuscript while also ensuring that it is scientifically sound. Our native English editors with a doctoral degree are able to recognize gaps in your paper, whether that occurs in the introduction, methods, results, implications, or discussion.

Editor World has a team of expert editors who have been editing and proofreading science manuscripts for decades . Our editors with a science background have experience editing manuscripts from the sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering, and many other fields. Whatever your research topic is, we can help.

Our native English editors will edit your manuscript for grammar, clarity, word choice and flow, tone, sentence structure, and typos. Our expert editors can provide constructive feedback to help improve your writing and optimize your research manuscript.

Using a professional editing and proofreading service when developing scientific manuscripts helps you publish more quickly and efficiently . Journal editors and reviewers view your work more positively if your submission has been edited and proofread by a professional. Your ideas can be innovative and a significant contribution to the literature, but a poorly written document will have a negative effect on each reviewer’s assessment.

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Editing for Research Journals

Our scientific editing services include the following:

  • A carefully edited scientific manuscript, with grammar errors, spelling errors, punctuation issues, and typos corrected.
  • Suggestions to help you improve the clarity, flow, and readability of your manuscript.
  • References and citations formatted to the guidelines you provide.
  • Comments in sections that may need additional writing or rewriting.
  • Track Changes so you can review each change made by your editor.
  • A certificate of editing by a native English editor (optional add-on).

Style and formatting requirements differ for each journal. Scientific editors can check your references for errors, such as misspellings and incorrect formatting, but confirming the citations falls out of the scope of our services. A review of citations by a scientific editor is helpful because scientific reference styles often differ from those in other academic fields.

When your editor completes the editing and proofreading process for your document, your edited document will be uploaded to our website. You can download the document and review every change made by your professional editor using MS Word Track Changes.

If you would like a “clean” copy without the markup included, please let your editor know. You can provide instructions for the editor when submitting your editing request and can also send the editor direct messages in your Client Console.

Types of Science Manuscripts We Edit

  • Original scientific research
  • Peer-reviewed articles in top science journals
  • Methodologies or Methods
  • Reports and compositions
  • Manuscripts

Scientific editors have experience with a variety of publication types in the sciences. This includes reviews, grant proposals, theses and dissertations, book chapters, and books. Experienced scientific editors are able to offer authors guidance in their document’s structure, argument, formatting, style, and grammar.

Regardless of the type of manuscript you’ve prepared, our scientific editors have the skills to ensure that the text reads as though written by a native English speaker.

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Fast Editing & Proofreading by Professionals

Editor World provides several options for how quickly you receive your edited document. Our goal is to help clients from around the globe find a price point and deadline that is the best fit for each submission. Your editor will download, revise, and upload your edited document so you can quickly and easily improve your documents.

Trusted by Researchers and Universities

Scientific editing is a special type of editing used by researchers and scientists who generally plan to submit their manuscript to scientific or medical journals. Our editors have improved scientific manuscripts for clients in every state in the USA as well as more than 60 countries around the globe.

Scientific editing experts have the skills needed to edit your manuscript for submission to academic and other journals. Editor World’s editing and proofreading improve your chances of having your manuscript published by your target journal.

Secure, Confidential Proofreading by Academic Experts

Submit your scientific manuscripts to Editor World with confidence knowing that your information and documents will be kept secure and confidential. File uploads and downloads on our site are securely encrypted. In addition, every editor on our team signs a nondisclosure (NDA) and confidentiality agreement. Our team can also sign any NDA or confidentiality agreement you provide.

If you would like your editor to review the citations and reference list in your manuscript, please include them in the word count.

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Scientific Rewriting & Paraphrasing Services

In some cases, a manuscript needs more than editing and proofreading. When your manuscript would benefit from rewriting or structural editing, our PhD writers can help. Our scientific writers can make more involved edits, rewriting your manuscript and/or providing paraphrasing services as needed. Our professional scientific writers can help you address gaps and other more involved issues in your manuscripts before it goes to peer review.

Editor World specializes in scientific editing in the United States and Canada , and we work with scientists from around the globe. All editors on our team are native English speakers with degrees from top universities in the USA, UK, and Canada.

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