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“Editor World is the best editing service that I have used. I wouldn’t want to use any other company. They are very user-friendly and very price competitive—great prices. What I love best about Editor World is that you can interact with the editors. When first starting off, I was able to send a sample of my writing and get feedback. That allowed me to be able to choose an editor that I felt the most comfortable with. Editor World has such a great system. I highly recommend this company.” -B. Truly, USA

"Obviously, people look for reviews to see what kind of experiences other clients have had with a company. I did the same thing with Editor World LLC. Not only did I find enough positive testimonials to take a chance on using them--but now, after using their service myself, I am pleased to submit an enormously positive review of Editor World's editing services. It is always a great thing when a company delivers as advertising. Their work was at the right price, it was right on time, and it was extremely high quality. My editor displayed the knowledge and understanding of a real pro and having some experience in the media myself I can recognize a pro when I see one. I highly recommend this service." -Dr. George

“Editor World proved to be very helpful. They linked me with an editor who was very well qualified, professional and efficient since we were able to complete my 5,000 word count paper for only 3 days. Additionally, their budgets were really fair.” -G2.com


“Editor World’s dissertation editing services helped me complete my dissertation. I have been pleased with the services.” -Kevin, USA


“I’ve had nothing but incredible experiences with Editor World.” -Verified Editor World client


“Quick, efficient service! They did a wonderful job giving me feedback on my content and writing. I’ve already recommended Editor World to two of my friends.” -Emily, USA


“My experience was great. I have used Editor World multiple times and I've had a great experience each time. The editing is professional and executed to perfection. My documents are always returned on time. I will definitely use them again.” -Verified Editor World client


“Thank you so much for your amazing editing work on my paper. It's now much clearer and is so much easier to read! Thank you again!” -Aneesa, USA


“I owe my PhD to Editor World. They helped me a lot to get my work published. The editor not only edited my text, but also gave constructive suggestions to make my paper professional. Thanks Editor World!” -Seyyed, USA


“The process of submitting my documents went smoothly and I was very pleased with the editing services.” -Verified Editor World client


“Great service! Thanks so much Editor World. It’s a great resource and has improved my overall reading skills. I will continue to use Editor World for all of my work.” -Meg, USA


“I had a very good experience with this editing and proofreading service.” -Verified Editor World client


“I have been using Editor World for 4+ years! Not only has Editor World made the editing process quick, easy, and accessible, their service has made me a better writer. Highly recommend.” Juli, USA


“Very good and efficient editing site that I use regularly.” -Christos, Cyprus


“I’ve used Editor World for a few documents and even my thesis. It is so easy to use and incredibly reliable! I highly recommend it.” -Sarah, USA


“Excellent service. Timely and accurate!” -Verified Editor World client


“Editor World has been a huge blessing to our company. We are constantly producing content for clients and to have professionally edited copy back in 2 hours (on a Sunday) has been a complete game changer for us.” -Anthony, USA


“I have used EditorWorld.com's service so many times, and the editors there never let me down. Quick turnaround, good quality!” -Verified Editor World client


“I'm a client of Editor World from way back--at least seven or eight years. Over the years, I have spent a few thousand dollars on the site, and never once regretted it.” -Thomas, USA


“Easy to connect with an editor, whom I could choose based on their descriptions and experience. And the editors I chose always returned my documents ahead of schedule with useful suggestions.” -Verified Editor World client


“As an international student, managing a manuscript with more than 30,000 words was frustrating. My committee chair could not clearly understand it because of my English. I was wondering if I could finish it. Editor World changed the situation. Right after submitting the manuscript to Editor World, my committee members agreed to set the final defense date. Thank you, Editor World.” -Ha, USA


“Fantastic editing, wonderful service. Thank you, Editor World!” -Andrea, USA


“Easy to use, excellent editing and service was completed before the deadline.” -Verified Editor World client


“I'm thoroughly pleased with the editing of my manuscript. The professionalism and the attention to detail was immaculate. The only problem that I had was with myself for not finding this amazing editor sooner! The editor worked diligently with me to turn my manuscript into a masterpiece without grammatical errors and a flow that made my manuscript easier to read.” -Tomeka, USA


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