What do Editor World's editors do?

Our editors will improve the clarity and readability of your document, focusing on the flow of the paper as well as grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and style. Our editors provide editing and proofreading services. We do not provide rewriting or writing services, but provide recommendations or suggestions where necessary. Please provide specific instructions for your editor when you submit your document for editing services so we can best meet your needs.

How does the free sample edit work?

Many of our editors offer a free sample edit of up to 300 words to help you pick the best professional editor for you. To request a free sample edit from one of our editors, click on "Free Sample Edit" in the editor's profile and upload your document along with instructions. We recommend the free sample edit to help you find the editor who is a good fit for your document.

How do I submit a document for editing services (1-day editing and longer)?

Transaction Process

Can I submit multiple documents and pay once?

Yes, you can submit multiple documents with various turnaround times and different editors. After you have uploaded the first document, click on the "Add More Documents" button at the bottom left of the page.

How do I submit a file for hourly or same-day editing services? 

To view editors available for same-day editing, first click on the Editors tab. Next, select the checkbox for 2-Hour Editing, 4-Hour Editing, or 8-Hour Editing under Services on the left side of the screen. Editors available for one of the same-day services will be listed. If no editors are currently available for the service you select, the screen will state "No editors were found using the selected filters." Please email us at info@editorworld.com if no editors are available and we will find an editor for you as soon as possible.

What files do you accept?

Editor World currently accepts Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, and text files. Please contact us at info@editorworld.com if you have other file types that you would like edited. 

How do I track a transaction? 

To track the status of your transaction, log in to access your Client Console. In the Documents section, you can view the status of your document.

How do I contact editors? 

After logging in at www.editorworld.com, access the Message System in your Client Console to send a direct message to any editor. You can also contact editors through their profile on the Editors tab after logging in.

How do I access my edited file? 

When your editor uploads the edited file to the website, you will receive a notification email. You can also check the status in the Documents section of your Client Console. The edited file is available for download in the Documents section of your Client Console.

How do I remove Track Changes markup? 

Microsoft Word provides detailed information on using Track Changes in Word.

How do I find the word count for my document? 

The word count of a Microsoft Word document can be found in the file properties. More information is available in Microsoft's guide to accessing your word count.

How do I become an editor?

To apply to become an editor, review the minimum requirements by clicking on "Become an Editor" at the bottom of the Editor World home page. If you meet the minimum requirements, click on Apply at www.editorworld.com/editorapplication to start the review process. Only complete applications that follow the guidelines will be reviewed.