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Corporate Accounts

Outsource Your Editing & Proofreading Needs


What Is A Corporate Account?

A corporate account with Editor World is a payment method for outsourcing professional editing services. This allows your organization to utilize our on-demand, personal editing team by giving your employees prepaid funds for editing services. This means you pay a professional editor for each document, and don’t need to pay an editor during those times when you don’t have editing work to be completed.

If you own a company and your employee requires an editor to complete a specific task, the individual can use Editor World’s on-demand, personal editing team. You authorize employees to use your corporate account, and they can use prepaid funds from this corporate account to submit documents to an editor they select. The cost of editing the document is deducted from your corporate account balance. Your authorized employee works with the professional editor(s) selected, who delivers the edited document by the deadline.

How To Get Started

When you open a corporate account, first make a deposit by signing into your account at and clicking on the "Credit" link in your Company Console. Click on “Add Credit” to make your initial deposit. Next, add any authorized users to your account. Those authorized users will receive a link to register via email. Please note that you should not distribute your corporate account password—the corporate account is only for the manager of the corporate account, and employees authorized to use your account funds will have their own login username and password.

Track Employee Accounts

As the owner of your corporate account with Editor World, you can track the interactions between your employees and the professional editors they work with. By logging in to your corporate account, you can review the activity of individuals you authorize to use your account, including the documents they submit and the professional editor(s) who work on those documents.

You add the employees who are authorized to use the corporate account balance for document editing services. When you add an employee, an invite will be sent to that individual via email, and he or she registers for an employee account through that link. You can remove authorized users at any time.

Deposits for Editing & Proofreading Services


Add Credit to Your Corporate Account

When adding credit to your corporate account, the minimum amount is $500.00 USD. To deposit funds into your corporate account, simply log in at, click on the "Add Credit" link in the Credit section of your Corporate Console, enter the amount you want to deposit, and complete your payment. Editor World accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and PayPal®.


Using Corporate Account Funds

To use the prepaid amount in your corporate account, the authorized employee selects an editor, uploads the document that needs edited, and completes the payment using the credit from your corporate account. The cost of editing the document will be deducted from the prepaid balance in your corporate account. The manager of the corporate account and the authorized employee will be able to track the progress of the document and download the edited file when it is completed.