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Professional Proofreading Services

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Proofreading should always take place before you submit a document to your audience. This is the case whether the document is for an online audience or you're preparing a printed document. Whether you'll be publishing your work online, submitting to an academic journal, presenting materials to business clients, or presenting your documents and materials in another way, Editor World can help! We proofread any and every type of document you write. Our average customer rating on review sites is 4.9/5 stars or higher, and we have a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

Our expert editors have experience proofreading fiction and nonfiction books, business documents, journal articles, dissertations, theses, research papers, essays, and other types of written documents. Regardless of the topic, we have a professional proofreader who can improve your paper. Our online editing and proofreading services are fast and affordable. Our native English proofreaders are available 24/7, 365 days a year. The expert proofreaders at Editor World will help perfect your documents every time you submit. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our online proofreading service every time.

Fast, High-Quality Proofreading & Editing Services

Editor World’s professional proofreading services help you present your documents with full confidence. Our proofreaders help you create professional, error-free documents quickly and easily. Editor World’s high-quality proofreading and editing services are sure to give you a competitive edge. Not sure which professional proofreader to choose? View our available editors and request a free sample edit or submit your document for proofreading now.

What can you expect from Editor World’s proofreading & editing services?

     A carefully proofread manuscript, with spelling errors, punctuation issues, and typos corrected.

     When needed, suggestions to help you improve your document.

     Track Changes markup to allow you to review all revisions.

     Comments on any questions or concerns about sections within the document.

     All proofreading and editing by a native English-speaking editor


High-Quality Services by Professional Proofreaders

Using professional proofreading and editing services can help you succeed throughout your career. For academics, hiring a professional editor increases your chances of publishing in peer-reviewed journals in your field. Our academic proofreaders can help perfect your research papers, journal articles, book manuscripts, and other academic documents. Do you need help formatting your citations and references according to a certain style guide? Our academic writers are also available to help with rewriting, paraphrasing, and formatting citations and references.

Our professional proofreaders also help non-academic writers, including authors, businesses, and government organizations. Every member of our professional team is a native English speaker from the USA, UK, or Canada who knows the value of the written word. Let our experts help you today.

Outsource Your Business Proofreading Needs

Editor World’s on-demand team of proofreaders is available when your business needs help making final revisions to business documents. You pay for proofreading services only when you need them and your team has more time to devote to their main tasks. Businesses use Editor World when they need to outsource fast, reliable proofreading services.


Editor World offers a team of proofreaders 24/7 to tackle a variety of business documents for business professionals around the globe. We’ll eliminate misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, and typos, making the process quick and easy for you. When you’re ready to submit your documents for proofreading, simply choose your proofreader, upload your document with payment, and take a well-earned rest while we perfect your words. We offer a wide range of turnaround times to help you find a service that fits your deadlines and budget.

What types of documents do we proofread?

     Nonfiction books

     Fiction books

     Business memos and other documents

     Research papers


     Master’s or Doctoral Theses

     Journal articles

     Conference proceedings

     Class assignments and other materials

     Other academic documents

     Personal documents

How much do proofreading services cost at Editor World?

Editor World’s prices for proofreading and editing services along with a price calculator for instant quotes are available on our page. Enter your word count and choose the turnaround time that works best for you given your timeline and budget to view an instant quote.

Our prices are among the lowest in the industry, and our reliability and quality are unmatched. Choose your professional proofreader and get started today. Need more than proofreading? We also have a team of professional writersavailable 24/7. Our services include professional writing and rewriting services in addition to our editing and proofreading services. Editor World is the most reliable proofreading service online. 

A final draft of your academic manuscript isn't actually “final” until it undergoes a round of proofreading. Although you can proofread your own work, it’s challenging to spot the problems in a document when you’re so familiar with the content. It’s also difficult to rely on colleagues to proofread your work, but Editor World has a team of academic proofreaders available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Book Editing & Proofreading

You've written your memoir, short story, or nonfiction book manuscript and worked with an editor to get it ready to submit to agents or self-publish your book. It's important not to skip the final step in the writing process. To be competitive in the publishing industry, you need professional proofreading for your book manuscript. Whether you're searching for a book agent or editor to publish through a traditional publishing house or looking to self-publish your book, our professional editors can provide the proofreading you need to perfect your book manuscript.

Editor World's book proofreading services help you finalize your manuscript by eliminating spelling and grammar errors, typos, and other issues in your writing. By fixing any small mistakes that stand out to readers, agents, and publishers, you can be confident that your book will be well-received.

FAQ About Our Professional Proofreading Services

  • How do I get started with your proofreading services?
    To get started with Editor World's professional proofreading, first register for a client account. The only information you need to include is your name, a valid email address, and your country. Next, choose your editor for personalized proofreading.

  • What are the qualifications of your proofreaders?
    At Editor World, every proofreader on our team is a native English speaker from the UK, USA, or Canada. We test every editor's editing and proofreading skills and verify their credentials before adding them to our on-demand team. You choose the editor who provides proofreading services personalized to your needs, and information on each editor's credentials is provided in individual editors' profile pages.

  • What types of payment do you accept when I hire a proofreader?
    We accept major credit and debit cards through our secure website and also take payments for proofreading through PayPal. Hire your on-demand, personal proofreader for fast services today.

  • Do you keep my documents confidential?
    Yes, we keep your documents confidential! Every writer and editor on our team signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and we can also sign an agreement that you provide.

  • What is the difference between professional editing and proofreading?
    With our professional editing services, your editor will make revisions to eliminate grammar and spelling errors, making your paper easy to read. With most drafts submitted to Editor World, the editor also performs proofreading. For documents in earlier stages or those written by a non-native English speaker, rewriting services may be needed. In publishing, proofreading is the final stage of editing where all remaining errors are removed. Our goal is to help you quickly and easily perfect every document you're preparing.