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Client Testimonials for Editor World's Writing, Editing, & Proofreading Services

"Editor World has been a huge blessing to our company. We are constantly producing content for clients and having a professionally edited copy ready in as soon as 2 hours has been a game changer for us." -Anthony 

"I'm always happy with the edits and thoughts shared. Thanks." -Gregory

Very impressed with the quality of editing." -Sergey

"Whenever I have a manuscript to edit, I use Editor World. Their service is fast and accurate and the prices are reasonable. I am always satisfied with the results." -Seunghwan

"Amazing service. The turnaround time was quick and the review was excellent. My paper was accepted without any comments on grammar/writing." -Rana

"Thank you for your careful and thoughtful editing and the helpful suggestions and advice." -Editor World client

 "Thank you for your excellent work and feedback! I will use your services again for future books." -Editor World client

"Amazingly quick and thorough. The revised paper is much smoother and easier to read. Thank you!" -Editor World client

"This was fantastic. Extremely thorough in their work. One of the best we've used. If this editor is available for our next project, there's no question about who we will be using! Thank you for your hard work." -Editor World client


"I used Editor World for my dissertation and the editor that I picked did a thorough job. My third committee member passed my dissertation based on the editor's feedback." -Sangeeta, Lawrenceville, Georgia


"Editor World gives me peace of mind that my work is clear to the reader by being a second pair of eyes. This also saves time and generates great feedback from the reader." -Jason, Atlanta, Georgia


"As a doctoral student, there are many chances to submit papers. Through Editor World's professional editing services, I saved a lot of time in editing which increased my paper acceptance rates." -Rick, Kansas City, Missouri


"Editor World has supported me in revising and editing my work before presentations and submitting articles. Really great work!!!" -Stanley, Brooklyn, New York


"I can honestly say that your service has made a tremendous difference in my academic and personal life. I used to have high anxiety when writing papers of any kind. Your editing service has helped me to overcome my fear of writing and restored my confidence in myself. Thank you for the great work that you all do!" -Anheete, Clermont, FL


"Editor World has many editors of diversified backgrounds. The rates are affordable and the turnaround time can be as short as a few hours, or days or weeks - you get to choose. The editors have been extremely supportive, efficient, and fast. Thank you, editors, for all your support, expertise, and commitment in delivering to me a well-polished piece!"  -Diane, Los Angeles, California


"I used Editor World's editing service for my undergraduate thesis two years ago, and the editor gave me great and detailed advice on the language and grammar, which helped to make that paper easier to read. Now I am graduating from a Master program and plan to apply to a PhD program, so I am using the editing services again to revise my writing sample and resume. Thanks a lot for the services you provide. You have made my life much better because English is my second language."  -Liu Jin, Durham, North Carolina


"After graduation, I was looking for a research internship position. However, I did not get any due to the fact that English was not my first language. In order to enhance my chance of getting admitted, I submitted my writing sample to Editor World LLC. After the editing, my writing sample was more fluent and polished. As a result, I got an internship at the Hudson Institute after submitting the new writing sample. Editor World really has changed my life and I would like to thank the company for its help!" -Yichen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


"I would like to thank you for your editing service that has helped me a lot during my studies as a second foreign language speaker. I have shared my experience with my friends and relatives. You have really good editors."  -Sara, London, United Kingdom


"I've used Editor World many times and it has become an indispensable resource. The editors are friendly people who pay attention to the logic of what you're saying."  -Doraemon, Birmingham, United Kingdom


"I received really good feedback on my work. The editor understood my work very well and sometimes commented on the paragraph structure. My paper has been accepted as "well-written" work in an academic journal. As an international student, this was a breakthrough for me. Thanks Editor World!"  -Niloufar, Amherst, Massachusetts


"Thank you very much! This was very useful and I learnt again something about some of my common mistakes! -Thomas, Germany


"I am very happy that I found Editor World, and I believe I will continue to be pleased with the fantastic editing services in the future."  -Saki, Lancaster, United Kingdom


"As always, you helped me so much with editing my paper!" - Lukas, Germany


"The easiest way to get English editing services of a decent quality at a reasonable price in a reliable way." -Jiyeon, United States