Transaction Process for Editing Services & Proofreading Services

Transaction Process for Editing Services

6 Easy Steps

  • Step 1:  Register for an Editor World client account or  Sign In to your existing client account.
  • Step 2:  Select an editor based on qualifications, background, or ratings.
  • Step 3: Upload Document
    • Click on "Submit Document".
    • Upload your Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint, or text document.
    • Enter the number of words in your document.
    • Choose the  turnaround time for your document.
    • Provide any instructions you have for your editor.
  • Step 4: Provide Payment
    • There are two payment options: (1) pay directly on our secure site with a credit or debit card (preferred); (2) make a payment through PayPal; or (3) make a payment through Alipay. If you are a university employee and are required to invoice your purchase to obtain reimbursement, please email us at
  • Step 5: Document is Sent to Editor
    • After you upload your document and complete the payment, your editor will download the file and begin the editing process. Editors use Microsoft Track Changes to show any changes that are made to your document, and you choose whether to accept or reject each change.
  • Step 6: Download Your Document
    • After your editor uploads your edited document, you will receive an email to notify you of the completed job. Log in to your Client Console to download the edited document under Documents. You can also rate the editor's work on each document in this area. If you have any questions for the editor, send a message through the Message System in the Client Console.