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The competition academic scholars face when publishing peer-reviewed journal articles is intense. Academic journals have extensive submission and peer review processes, and the quality of your journal article is important if you want to publish your work to earn tenure and/or be promoted. With the increase in submissions, journals require expertly written language to publish your work. Even if your research is an important addition to the literature, poor English grammar can result in article rejection and publication delays.

Journals generally have guidelines that specify the structure and length of papers, following certain formatting for figures and tables, author information, and reference style. For most academic writers, reviewing papers to follow these guidelines takes a long time, as discussed by researchers. Editor World's rewriting and editing services help academic writers improve and finalize journal articles to speed up the submission process. 

Clear, error-free writing is crucial if you want your research study to reach a broader audience. You may want to try our journal article editing services before submitting your manuscript for review.

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We edit journal articles within a wide range of fields, including the sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering, business, and others. Regardless of your field or research study topic, we have a journal article editor who can help. Our native English academic editors will edit your journal article for grammar, word choice, tone, sentence structure, word flow, typos, and clarity. Our expert editors can provide constructive comments that help you improve your writing and optimize your journal article manuscript.

Professional journal paper editors provide a great service for anyone looking to improve a research manuscript. Using a professional editing service helps you get better feedback from journal editors and reviewers. The reviewer or editor will view your work more positively if your journal article submission is well-written and error-free. Even if the ideas behind a research paper are innovative and important, a poorly written document prevents the reader from seeing the value of the work.

Expert Academic Editors

Our team includes academics and publishing professionals with advanced degrees from top universities. We’ve helped thousands of researchers publish journal articles in high-quality journals. If you’re looking for an expert to proofread your work with a deep understanding of academic writing in addition knowing the ins and outs of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, we’re here to help.

Our team of PhD and Master’s level editors have years and even decades of experience. Working with you each step of the way, we provide a journal article editing service that helps you succeed. When your paper is well-written, the likelihood of your paper being taken seriously by journal editors increases dramatically.

Our professional editors have the experience and expertise needed to help you increase your chances of being published. Some important features of our editing team are:

•  Native English speakers
•  Advanced degrees from top Research I universities
•  Experience editing academic manuscripts

The expert journal article editing support we provide is a valuable service you will not be able to get from your busy colleagues. The revisions our editors make will also allow you to enhance your writing skills, helping make you a better academic writer.

Academic Journal Editing & Proofreading Services

As part of our journal article editing services, we provide the following:

  • A carefully edited journal article manuscript, with corrected grammar errors, spelling errors, punctuation issues, and typos.
  • Revisions made by the editor using Track Changes so you can review each change.
  • Suggestions to help you improve the clarity, flow, and readability of your journal article.
  • Formatted references and citations following the specified guidelines you provide.
  • Comments in areas that may need additional writing or rewriting.
  • A certificate of editing by a native English expert (optional add-on)

After your expert editor completes the editing and proofreading process for your document, your Track Changes markup file will be uploaded to our website. You can download the document and review every change made by your professional editor. If you would like a “clean” copy without the markup included, please let your editor know.

What types of journal articles do we edit?

  • Original research
  • Short reports or Letters
  • Peer-reviewed academic journal articles
  • Trade journal articles
  • Case studies
  • Methodologies or Methods
  • Reviews
  • Reports and compositions

Fast Proofreading and Editing

We offer a variety of speeds for editing and proofreading. This helps you find the turnaround and price that best meets your needs. We’ll make sure your edited document is returned within the turnaround you choose.

  • Regular editing services

  • ü  1-day editing – from 250 up to 10,000 words

    ü  2-day editing – from 300 up to 20,000 words

    ü  3-day editing – from 300 up to 30,000 words

    ü  5-day editing – from 350 up to 40,000 words

    ü  7-day editing – from 5,000 up to 50,000 words

    ü  >7-day editing – 5,000 words per day

    • Same-day editing services

    ü  2-hour – your document of 175 to 1,500 words edited within 2 hours

    ü  4-hour – your article of 175 to 2,500 words edited within 4 hours

    ü  8-hour – files from 200 to 6,000 words edited within 8 hours

    How can journal article editing help you publish your research?

    Journal editors and peer reviewers want to see research that contributes to the literature, is well-written, and is well-formatted. Our editors have improved journal manuscripts for clients from more than 60 countries who are submitting their work to English academic journals. We know how to edit and format your article to improve your chances of acceptance by your target journal.

    Many of our clients are publishing academic research but are not native speakers of English. Our journal editors assist ESL authors in communicating their research as if they were writing in their native language. The journal article editing services we offer are also useful for native English speakers to ensure that the manuscripts they submit for journal publication are free of errors, inconsistencies, and other problems.

    Thorough journal article editing and proofreading are necessary when preparing academic manuscripts for journal publication. All authors of a paper first need to review their own work. Colleagues and mentors can also review manuscripts and offer general feedback, but there is no substitute for a professional editor and proofreader reviewing academic and scientific journal article manuscripts. An expert in academic editing can find and correct issues that a non-trained editor can miss.

    Secure, Confidential Editing by Experts

    You can submit journal article manuscripts to Editor World with confidence that your documents and information will be kept secure and confidential. The security of your documents is important. File uploads and downloads on our site are securely encrypted. Regarding confidentiality, every editor on our team signs a nondisclosure (NDA) and confidentiality agreement. We can also sign any NDA or confidentiality agreement you provide.