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What is the Difference Between Copy Editing and Content Editing?

Hiring a professional editor from an online editing service is invaluable for writers of all kinds. Editing is an important part of the writing process because no matter how careful you are everybody, including writers, makes mistakes. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to catch them all in your own work since you are the one writing it and already know it inside out and backwards. Having an editor means that you don’t have to worry about publishing or submitting your documents with these embarrassing errors; instead, your work is at its best. A professional editor can also improve your writing so that it is more accessible to its readers. This partly comes down to improving the flow of it, but can also mean adjusting certain words where necessary to improve comprehension. In addition, a good editor will make sure you are writing for your intended audience.


Although there are similarities between the various levels of editing, copy editing and content editing are two different things. Some of the similarities are that both copy editors and content editors examine the document in detail and often use Track Changes Markup to show the revisions that were made and to insert any comments where additional work is needed. However, copy editing and content editing occur at separate stages of the editing process, and the skillsets of copy editing and content editing differ.


A content editor looks at your writing from a broader, big-picture lens. A content editor focuses on such things as character and plot development, argument threads, dialog, pace, inconsistences in storylines, factual errors, and sections/chapters. A content editor may offer feedback that suggests certain passages be rewritten; advices the adding, moving, or deleting of text; or helps with plot or character development via dialog or descriptive text.


A copy editor focuses on the document at a more technical, closer level. A copy editor may review for clarity and readability as well as flow, grammar, word usage, spelling, and punctuation. They read your writing to focus on syntax, word repetition, and sentence/paragraph length. A professional copy editor also corrects grammar or spelling errors, fixes punctuation, and makes suggestions as needed. For information on line editing, read our article: What is Line Editing vs. Copy Editing?



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