What is Editing and Why Do You Need Editing Services

What is Editing and Why is it Needed?

Simply put, editing is what makes your writing shine! It involves an editor going through your draft and correcting mistakes, such as grammar and punctuation errors, catching misspellings, and ensuring consistency of things such as names and places. There are different levels of editing, so make sure you tell your editor what you want. If you need more involved revisions, rewriting services may be needed. Structural editing is more involved with a focus on organization, structure, argument, scope, audience, length, and style. 


If there is not much wrong with your work, or you have already had one round of editing, you probably just need a round of proofreading. This is mostly looking for the sort of errors listed above – in short, all the fine details that are nevertheless important for your work to look professional.


On the other hand, a more involved edit will include checking for all of the above, as well as a few other things. For example, your editor can also improve word choice and usage where necessary. This may be as simple as removing the word ‘said’ and replacing it with ‘retorted’, ‘gushed’, or ‘demanded’. All of these words tell you much more about the tone of voice used and the speaker’s mood. After all, there is a world of difference between a stammered apology and a snapped one!


The flow of your work can be slightly altered to make it easier for the reader to follow, without the text feeling disrupted. This can be done in a number of ways – for example, separating paragraphs, taking out odd bits that aren’t really necessary, or even joining two sentences together.


It is little things like this that can really help your work stand out and be noticed, for all the right reasons! You probably understand by now why editing is so important, but the benefits don’t stop there. All pieces of written work can be improved by an editor, from dissertations to novels, pamphlets to terms and conditions – anything with words! All of these pieces need a second eye to make sure that your writing is living up to its full potential.


Everybody makes mistakes. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to catch them all in your own work, as you are the one writing it and already know it inside out and backwards. Having an editor means that you don’t have to worry about publishing or submitting your documents with these embarrassing errors; instead, your work is at its best.


professional editor can also help your work to be easily accessible to its readers. This comes down to improving the flow of it, but also adjusting certain words where needed to improve comprehension. In addition, an editor will make sure you are writing for your intended audience. Just think of the difference in style between a fiction book and a dissertation. While contractions such as ‘don’t’ are perfectly fine for a novel, they are much too informal for a serious dissertation.


In short, editing removes errors, improves your work flow, and enhances your language and style. Why would your writing not benefit from a little TLC? Editing is crucial for fixing the last few problems with your writing to make it ready to go out into the world and be read. What’s not to like?

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