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What American Proofreading Services Are Available?

Although the terms proofreading and editing are used interchangeably in America, proofreading is the final step in the writing process, while editing takes place throughout the writing process. Every writer, whether writing for business, education, academia, clients, or another audience, should proofread the final version of each document before it is given to the intended reader. Depending on the document, one or more rounds of editing may take place before a document is ready for proofreading. Editing revisions are more involved than proofreading and focus on making sure the document is organized, easy to understand, and free of grammatical issues. Many of the errors are removed during the editing process, but the few remaining (generally minor) errors can be missed, such as an extra space between words, a typo, or a missing period, and a round of proofreading can eliminate those errors.


For those in need of American proofreading and editing services, there are many choices available in the United States. Many American proofreading and editing services are available for purchase online today. You may also be able to find proofreading and editing services in the traditional market, such as in a university or local newspaper or through flyers on bulletin boards on college campuses. For those looking for American proofreading and editing services online, a search of the terms “editing services”, “proofreading services”, or “proofreading and editing services” will bring up a long list of possible choices.


In a Google search for “professional editing services” in August 2023, the top three American providers of proofreading and editing services were EditorWorld.com, PaperTrue, and Scribbr. The top three American providers for “proofreading and editing services” were ProofreadingServices.com, Editor World, and Scribbr. Lastly, the top three American providers in a search for “proofreading services” were ProofreadingServices.com, Scribbr, and Scribendi.


The services provided by American proofreading and editing companies can vary dramatically. This means that any writer in need of such services should take the time up front to review the policies and price structure of several companies before making a final choice. You’ll want to consider whether the company provides proofreading services only, or if they provide a more thorough review (editing services). Some other policies to consider are when and how payment is made, how long the provider will have your document before it’s returned to you, and  how the document will be returned to you. Regarding price, some American proofreading and editing services will charge per page, estimating anywhere from 250 to 300 words per page, while others will ask for the exact word count of your document to provide a price. Most American companies providing proofreading and editing services require payment up front, but individual freelance editors and proofreaders may have a different payment structure.


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