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The 10 Best Online Dissertation Editing Services in 2024

For doctoral students writing a dissertation, finding a reliable editor can be challenging, especially when you’re faced with a quick timeline. Your dissertation influences whether you receive your doctorate, publish your research, and get a job. Using a professional dissertation editing service can help you move through the process more quickly and graduate with a dissertation that’s error-free and professionally presented. At Editor World, we have many clients who are working on their dissertation, so we understand how important this document is to you. When editing documents, including academic documents such as dissertations, we know that finding the editor who is the right fit for you and your dissertation is crucial.

A list of the top 10 dissertation editing services in 2024 is provided below to help you get started with the process of choosing your dissertation editing service. For information on dissertation editing prices, see How Much do Dissertation Editing Services Cost?

  • Editor World
  • Taylor & Francis Editing
  • Scribbr
  • Cambridge Proofreading
  • Dissertation Editor
  • 1st Rate Editing
  • Scribendi
  • PaperTrue
  • Servicescape
  • Wordvice


 The Top Dissertation Editing Services of 2024

1.  Editor World

Editor World was founded in 2010, is located in the United States, and has a panel of native English speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Clients can select the editor who provides dissertation editing services and communicate directly with that editor throughout the editing process. The cost for dissertation editing services (60,000 words) with a turnaround time of about 12 days is $1,200 as of 2024. Some  dissertation editors offer a discount of up to 20% off the price for dissertation editing services, and clients can find these coupon codes in individual dissertation editors' profiles.



2.  Taylor & Francis Editing

Taylor & Francis Editing is a part of Taylor & Francis Online and provides a variety of editing, formatting, illustration, and translation services. Dissertation editing services is one of the services provided by T&F. An instant quote is not available for editing a 60,000-word dissertation, and a custom quote is needed.



3. Scribbr

Scribbr has a panel of editors, and when you submit your dissertation for proofreading and editing the document is assigned to one of the company’s editors. Clients upload their dissertation manuscript, selecting the pages that need to be edited, choose the services and turnaround time, provide instructions, and pay. The price at Scribbr to edit a 60,000-word dissertation, focusing on language, style, structure, and clarity, is about $2,005 (USD) for a 7-day turnaround.



4. Cambridge Proofreading and Editing

Cambridge Proofreading has a panel of editors and assigns your dissertation for proofreading and editing when you submit the document. The company started in England and now has headquarters in the United States. Cambridge continues to maintain a presence in the UK. The cost to edit a dissertation at Cambridge is $1,674 (USD) for 60,000-words and a 7-day turnaround. Clients have the option to have their dissertation reviewed by two editors rather than one for an additional cost.



5. Dissertation Editor

Dissertation Editor has a team of dissertation proofreaders and editors who have earned advanced degrees and completed a dissertation. The company also offers statisticians and consultants. The company is based in Massachusetts and has a UK branch called Thesis Editor. A client can submit their dissertation to get a quote, but instant quotes on the website are not available. Services include proofreading, which is correction of objective errors only, line editing, which includes proofreading plus checking for academic tone and style and critical feedback, copy editing, research assistance, statistics and methodology, and one-on-one consultation.



6. 1st Rate Editing

1 st Rate Editing has a Chief Editor who provides developmental editing. The company also has a staff of copy editors who provide proofreading and copy editing. These individuals have a master’s degree or higher. 1 st Rate also offers format editors. The cost for copy editing starts at $4 per page, while comprehensive editing starts at $5 per page and developmental editing is $7 per page. The price can be negotiated for expedited dissertation editing services. Additional fees may apply for dissertations that require extensive format corrections or extensive copy editing.



7. Scribendi

Scribendi is located in Canada and has a panel of editors from around the world. When clients submit a dissertation for editing services to Scribendi, the company assigns the dissertation manuscript to one of their editors. For a 60,000-word manuscript, a 2-week turnaround is the only option for dissertation editing services. The company provides a free sample edit to help clients decide if their dissertation editing services are right for them. The cost to edit a 60,000-word dissertation at Scribendi is about $1,801.



8. Paper True

Paper True has a presence in the United States, India, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Editors are paid in USD or Indian Rupee. At Paper True, the service includes proofreading for language errors, referencing and formatting, and editing for style, coherence, and clarity. A plagiarism check is available for an extra fee. There are four options for editing a 60,000-word dissertation at Paper True: 7-day turnaround ($2,100), 10-day turnaround ($1,617), 14-day turnaround ($1,491), and 21-day turnaround ($1,365).



9. Servicescape

Servicescape has its headquarters in Boston and has a panel of editors listed on its website. Clients can select the dissertation editor who edits their dissertation. The turnaround time for a 60,000-word dissertation is more than one week. When the client’s dissertation is uploaded, the word count is automatically entered into the system. The cost to edit a 60,000-word dissertation at Servicescape is about $1,990. Editing certification is available for an additional $5 fee.



10. Wordvice

Wordvice was started in 2013 and provides information on some of its dissertation editors on its website. The cost to edit a dissertation that is 60,000 words at Wordvice is $2,590 for a 168-hour turnaround, $3,010 for a 120-hour turnaround, $3,250 for a 96-hour turnaround, and $3,910 for a 72-hour turnaround. When prices for dissertation editing services were gathered, the company was providing a 50% coupon code for up to $50 off of the total price of dissertation editing services.


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