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How Much Does Dissertation Editing Cost?

The price you pay for dissertation editing services can vary greatly depending on who you hire, but you can expect to pay at least $0.02 per word. Given the average PhD dissertation word count of 80,000 words, the cost for professional editing is about $1,650 or higher (U.S. dollars). The cost for comprehensive editing of an 80,000-word dissertation at Scribbr is $2,665 with a 1-week turnaround. PaperTrue charges $2,800 for dissertation editing with a 10-day turnaround, and the price is $1,820 with a 30-day turnaround. The price for editing an 80,000-word dissertation is $2,483 at Scribendi, with a 2-week turnaround. When you need fast, high-quality dissertation editing and proofreading services, the PhD editors at Editor World are here to help (our price for editing a dissertation with 80,000 words is $1,680. To view a list of top dissertation editing services available online, see our summary of 10 dissertation editing services.

Some dissertation editors charge a set fee to edit a dissertation, while others set the price based on page count or word count. The cost to edit a dissertation also depends on the type of editing the editor provides. If you are in the early stages of writing your dissertation, more involved editing, known as rewriting or substantive editing, may be needed. Because this type of editing is more involved, it will be more expensive. In this stage, the editor may need to work more closely with you, such as meeting regularly to discuss areas that require improvement and reworking the chapters.


In later stages of the dissertation writing process, you may need a round of copyediting, where the editor focuses on clarity, readability, grammar, word usage, spelling, and punctuation. After you defend and finalize your dissertation, a round of proofreading will help you eliminate any minor errors remaining in the document. This ensures that your final dissertation is as error-free and professional as possible. The cost of proofreading your dissertation will be lower than the price for editing. The price paid for editing your dissertation can increase if the editor has extensive experience with dissertation editing. The length of the time the editor is given to edit your dissertation, or the turnaround time, also impacts the price. A rush editing service, one that gives the editor very little time to edit the dissertation, will have a higher fee.


Dissertation editors may also charge lower per-word or per-page rates for longer projects, so if you are submitting your dissertation for editing chapter-by-chapter you may pay a higher price than if you submit the complete dissertation at one time. However, having the dissertation edited as you work on each chapter can be less intimidating because you only need to revise one section at a time. Considering your work style can help you decide whether to submit your dissertation for editing as you complete each chapter or to wait and submit the full dissertation for editing at one time.


As with any service you purchase, you need to obtain as much information as possible about your dissertation editor before submitting payment. This includes previous client feedback on the editor's performance with dissertations, the full cost to edit your dissertation, and the deadline for receiving your edited dissertation. It is also imperative that you provide detailed instructions for your editor so he or she can best meet your needs. When you're ready to publish journal articles based on your dissertation, review our list of academic writing dos and don'ts



About Editor World's Dissertation Editing Services

As of April 2023, Editor World’s cost to edit a 80,000-word dissertation is $1,680. Some editors offer a discount of up to 20%, which would reduce the dissertation editing cost to $1,344. Our dissertation editing services help you focus on the content of your dissertation while we perfect your words, increasing your chances of successfully completing your dissertation and doctorate. Editor World is also available for rewriting and paraphrasingacademic editingdissertation editing, thesis proofreading, and so much more!