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How to Find an Academic Editor

Regardless of your education level, whether you are in high school, college, or a PhD program, it’s almost impossible to avoid writing essays, articles, or papers, at some point along your journey. If you’re not the best writer or self-editor, it can be tough to know where to seek help.

An academic editor can correct mistakes, check for consistency and tone, and offer invaluable suggestions before you turn in your papers. Engaging the services of an editor is always a good idea to perform one final check before you deliver the finished product.

But how can you find an academic editor? And what services should you expect them to provide?

Top 2 Tips for Finding an Academic Editor

  1. Use your school’s resources

When looking for an editor, start by looking within your school or institution. There are probably many young scholars who are both familiar with your subject matter and have been trained to write and edit academically.

If there are local job or announcement boards for your school, try posting an ad, or try looking for the services you need in these locations.


Another promising place to look within your school is the writing center (if there is one). Many schools employ English majors and writers to meet with other students about their papers. Ask around to see if your school offers something similar.

  1. Look online

Going online to seek help can be promising, especially if you’re under a quick deadline or are not associated with a particular academic institution. Editing websites (like  Editor World) offer instant editing services from professional editors with lots of experience. These platforms are a win-win: you get fast, high-quality feedback and editing on your academic work, while the editors can build their professional portfolios and earn money for their work.

There are many different outlets to find freelance editors online, so just make sure that the editors have experience in or some knowledge of your field. They should also be familiar with the style guide that you’re using for a given piece, so it’s smart to ask that upfront.

However you locate an  academic editor, you may want to ask to see an editing sample or find out if they’re writers themselves; both good indicators that you’ll receive high-quality, professional services.

Services Provided by an Academic Editor

If you are working on an academic essay, you’ll be able to give the editor instructions on what you need help with. Academic editors can provide a wide range of services, focusing on things such as:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Word choice
  • Style and tone
  • Structuring of paragraphs and/or ideas
  • Adherence to specific style guides (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Final proofreading to scan for errors


When you’re seeking help with your academic writing, there are endless ways to find it. With the rise of the gig economy, more and more editors are going off on their own to help writers perfect their work. Start by researching the services your school provides for in-person sessions, such as a writing center, or dive in online and find fast, professional editing services at reasonable prices.

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