FAQs - Books

Yes, your copyright for any work submitted for editing or proofreading remains with you. Editor World makes no claim on your copyright and does not require acknowledgement in any publication.

To upload multiple documents and pay only one time, click on "Add More Documents" on the bottom left after uploading the first document.

You can send in your manuscript in as many sections as you like—just be sure to contact your editor to make sure they will be available throughout the time period you will be submitting. If an editor is not available for the duration of your project, you may need to use two or more editors.

Yes, you can communicate with your editor through Editor World’s internal Message System, which is located in your Client Console after logging in to your client account.

Our professional editing and proofreading services are provided by humans, and we can make mistakes. If you're not satisfied with the edit, please contact us at info@editorworld.com so we can work out the best solution for you.

Yes, many of our editors offer a free sample edit. You can take advantage of the free 300-word sample edit that we offer to every new customer. If you haven't placed an order with us before and would like a free sample, click on “Free Sample Edit” button in the profile of the editor you are interested in working with (a maximum of 5 free sample edit requests). We know your book manuscript is important to you and it’s important for you to find the best editor for your work.

Yes, many of our clients are located outside the United States and we have many editors who specialize in editing and proofreading book manuscripts. Simply choose your editor and submit your manuscript with payment (we accept major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal). If you need an invoice in your native currency, please email us at info@editorworld.com at any time.

The turnaround time on your document depends on the turnaround time you purchase. Shorter documents have more options for turnaround time, but longer documents have fewer options. We offer the following turnaround times:

  • 2-hour
  • 4-hour
  • 8-hour
  • 1-day
  • 2-day
  • 3-day
  • 5-day
  • 7-day
  • >7-day

The Track Changes Markup may be turned off. If you’re using a recent version of Microsoft Word, select the Review tab. In the Track Changes section, make sure that “All Markup” is selected in the top drop-down menu.

Our editors use the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word so you can see the changes made to your document. You can choose to accept all changes at one time or to review each change individually. In recent versions of Microsoft Word, select the Review tab. Within the Track Changes section, you can choose to accept all changes at once, or to accept or reject each change individually. Within the document itself, you can right-click on individual changes to accept or reject the changes. If your editor has inserted comments, you will also need to delete those within the Comments section in the Review tab.

With more than 50 native-English editors, we have experts in every field. We evaluate and accept editors after reviewing their credentials and testing their editing and proofreading skills. Our editor profiles are transparent in providing information on each editor’s educational background, experience, and previous clients’ feedback. Our business editors have experience with every type of business document. Since our company launched in 2010, more than 60% of our clients every year are return clients. If you would like help choosing the editor that is right for your document, please feel free to contact us at info@editorworld.com.

Your documents can only be downloaded from our secure servers. All of Editor World’s employees and editors are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and we can also sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement you provide. Editor World uses 256-bit SSL or higher encryption for communications between your computer and our site. We never sell or trade your personal information.

Our book editing and proofreading services website accepts orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends. We have professional editors available 24/7. Our administrative staff is available during business hours, and we strive to answer customer emails within 24 hours, if not sooner.