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  • High School English Teacher
  • B.A. in English
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
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I am a Virginia native with a Master's Degree in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction.  I currently work as a promotional writer in the marketing department for a large university.


I'll make your writing more concise and edit for grammatical and conventional errors. I've worked for years with ESL students and can specifically edit and give tips on nuances in the English language.


My passion is helping others tell their stories and share their ideas through writing.  I have edited all types of writing as a peer editor while working through my Master's and in my 17 years of teaching in high-school English classrooms.   I've also been a professional email writer for a retail company, consistently exceeding their expectations for client communication.

Because helping others with their writing is my passion, I edit well and edit quickly.  I'll eagerly follow any client's specifications and am available 7 days a week.  I'm located in the Eastern Time Zone and typically start my day pretty early, and I'm happy to stay up late to ensure all documents are not only returned by the deadline, but they are edited to the highest of standards.  

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5 / 5 2024-02-28 12:53:20
5 / 5 2024-02-26 18:11:36
thanks a lot for your editing, it's very help and detailed.
5 / 5 2024-02-25 00:36:07
5 / 5 2024-02-21 15:55:44
Thank you so much! Awesome job as always!
5 / 5 2024-02-21 13:53:20
5 / 5 2024-02-02 03:51:17
Great editor, very helpful. thanks a lot!
5 / 5 2023-12-27 23:00:00
5 / 5 2023-12-27 07:42:00
Thank you for your help! Great editing!
5 / 5 2023-12-27 07:41:53
Thank you for your help! Great editing!
5 / 5 2023-12-27 01:16:59
Great work as always!
5 / 5 2023-12-11 14:50:30
5 / 5 2023-11-12 20:55:37
Very thorough and clear edits. Highly recommend and will use again!
5 / 5 2023-10-25 00:16:49
Provided valuable feedback and caught a crucial element that was inadvertently left out of the original essay. Would WW definitely use again.
5 / 5 2023-08-26 20:28:10
Excellent quality feedback, great use of comments on areas were edits were unsure. Incredibly helpful and responsive too. Definitely recommend!
5 / 5 2023-08-12 15:18:09
Thank you very much for the immense help with my document. Sure thing, I am going to keep working with you!
5 / 5 2023-05-23 12:13:30
Thank you WordWiz for the professional editing. I learnt how to improve my academic writing from the additional comments. I would recommend WordWiz.
5 / 5 2023-05-10 06:22:24
Another great job. Thank you for your help.
5 / 5 2023-04-29 02:59:23
I appreciate the additional comments (e.g., check journal guidelines). I will definitely continue to use your expertise.
5 / 5 2023-03-09 23:44:39
This was such a wonderful experience to work with such a talented editor. Not only did I see my mistakes, but I learned how to correct them and why. It was pleased to have another set of eyes on my manuscript. I plan to use WordWiz again and again to the novel is complete. I would recommend this editor to any writer.
5 / 5 2023-02-12 20:31:25
Great job. Good suggestions and corrections. Thank you.