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  • Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Florida International University
  • BA in Community Development & Urban Studies, University of Massachusetts
  • PhD in Education, San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University
  • Education and Human Development Professor
  • MS in Education, Florida International University
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Greetings Scholars, Professionals, Novelists, and Students,

I have over 20 years of experience spotting and correcting grammatical errors, improving word choice, and crafting well-written arguments in order to articulate the author's intended meaning in business documents, student assignments, and competitive compositions. Additionally, as a seasoned professor, I have over a decade of experience revising and editing student essays, theses, and dissertations. APA style is my specialty, yet I also have a cultivated aptitude in both Chicago and MLA formatting. 


A special skill of mine is that I am well versed in the street vernacular. I will help you retain your style while correcting the grammatical issues in order to help you reach your desired audience. This fund of knowledge might be especially useful for urban fiction and creative writing. I have edited novels and books that are available on Amazon. I have successfully secured funding through my competitive grant writing ability within the non-profit sector. Within the field of education, I have been accepted to and presented at AERA four times amongst presentations at other national conferences.


I have a proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish and can easily spot common errors for ESL clients. I also have edited several journal articles for scholars in China. I have achieved 14 competitive awards based on merit and scholarship in empirical research, conference presentations, and honorarium work. I look forward to bringing your projects to the polished and professional final product!


Key services: thesis editing, dissertation editing, ESL editing, manuscript editing (especially in the fields of education, sociology, and humanities), college papers, high school admission essays, business documents (letters of application, cover letters, emails, memos, newsletters)

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5 / 5 2024-05-29 14:47:43
The help and work done was amazing and I appreciate the through work. And ensuring proper formatting for my paper
5 / 5 2024-04-22 04:26:42
5 / 5 2024-04-22 04:25:48
5 / 5 2024-04-22 04:25:43
5 / 5 2024-03-23 00:13:32
Again I am super thankful for the editing not just done in a timly fassion but the feed back that was given that has continued to help me improve mt academic writing
5 / 5 2024-02-19 02:14:41
Great feedback and editing skill
5 / 5 2024-02-09 04:16:24
I am grateful for DrEditor’s excellent work on editing and re-writing my paper. He provided many useful comments and insights, as well as some personal notes. He also re-formatted the paper in Chicago style, as required. I was glad to learn that he has been a long-time meditator and that my paper sparked his interest. He skillfully converted the tables into paragraphs and revised them accordingly. In short, I thank him for his valuable feedback and his expertise in enhancing the quality of the paper.
5 / 5 2024-02-05 04:51:59
DrEditor is very efficient and detailed in editing. I strong recommend him/her. Thank you very much for your editing services.
5 / 5 2024-02-03 03:05:37
Thank you so much! Your editing was great and I really appreciate the comments!
5 / 5 2024-01-09 02:56:45
Incredible feedback! Great attention to detail. Reviewed a 63 page document and was consistent in the feedback throughout. Careful suggestions and notes given throughout. Offered entire sections of rewording for clarity. I have never worked with a better editor!
5 / 5 2023-12-31 01:11:35
5 / 5 2023-12-27 22:59:54
Excellent job! Article was accepted for publication on first round.
5 / 5 2023-11-25 22:54:40
5 / 5 2023-11-19 22:17:23
5 / 5 2023-08-06 10:15:04
요청에 따른 배려와 빠른처리 감사합니다.
5 / 5 2023-07-06 16:12:12
Very thorough editing job with additional suggestions. Thank you!
5 / 5 2023-06-26 01:26:32
Your review was very informative. I will submit Chapter 3 shortly for your review.
5 / 5 2023-06-17 18:23:28
Dr. Editor was very professional. The reference notes provided clarity and were well organized. I feel comfortable continuing to work with this editor.
5 / 5 2023-05-31 12:33:26
5 / 5 2023-05-29 23:07:56