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Editor World Reaches 50 Million Words in Academic Editing Services

Editor World offers academic editing services for university faculty, including full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, and postdoctoral researchers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. The online proofreading and editing company matches clients with professional academic editors starting at $0.017 per word, helping them turn academic manuscripts into polished documents. Since 2010, Editor World’s academic editors have polished more than 50 million words for professors, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students.


“Many of our clients are in academia,” said Patti Fisher, founder and owner of Editor World. “Our goal is to meet these clients’ needs by providing quality academic editing and proofreading services that help them meet their deadlines.” Through Editor World’s academic editing service, clients can submit their academic manuscripts to an editor of their choice and take a well-deserved break while the editor perfects their document.


When facing important deadlines related to academic requirements, whether requirements to earn a degree, to earn tenure, or to get a promotion, academic writers often have a difficult time finding an academic editing service that is fast, affordable, and accurate. Editor World makes the academic editing process easy and hassle-free. Clients simply choose an editor, submit their document, and paying through the secure site at www.editorworld.com, with the additional option to pay through PayPal. Editor World specializes in academic, book, business, and many other types of editing.


Editor World is a unique platform because it saves clients time and money by offering standard rates and firm deadlines for academic editing services. Clients choose their own academic editor by reviewing the editors’ profiles and selecting the one most appropriate for their project, rather than submitting to an editing company that assigns the document to be edited by an anonymous editor. In addition, Editor World’s prices and turnaround times are transparent, with an instant price calculator available to all clients. Editor World’s native English editors and proofreaders are available 24/7, 365.


Editor World: Academic Editing & Proofreading Services

Editor World is a one-stop solution for online academic editing and proofreading services. The company has an expert staff of university professors, published authors, and other professionals who are highly qualified and available to provide editing and proofreading services 24/7, 365. All of Editor World’s academic editors are native English speakers with exceptional credentials and experience.