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Originally published at Writers League of Texas.


Editor World offers editing services for books (fiction and nonfiction), academic works, resumes, and other business-related materials. Founded by Patti Fisher, the company is based in Newport, Virginia, and employs editors with backgrounds in academia, published authors, and other writing professionals.


Editor World is also a proud Community Member of the Writers’ League of Texas. Read the interview with Patti Fisher below to find out more about them.


Scribe: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and the philosophy behind Editor World?

Patti Fisher: While completing my doctorate in family finance, there were many international students in my program.   I started editing papers for other graduate students and then started working for a few companies that offer online editing services.  I continued to work for these companies while searching for a faculty position and started to think about creating a new online company.  I used the strengths of those companies but also focused on providing quality customer service and having good communication with editors.  I then worked with the local Small Business Development Center to get things started and launched the company in 2010.  Editor World’s strengths are the quality editing services our editors provide and the firm turnaround times that clients can rely on.


Scribe: You offer a free two-page sample edit to new clients. How does a potential client take advantage of this?

PF: To use the free sample edit feature on the Editor World website, individuals first need to register with a name and valid email address.  The list of currently available editors can be viewed on the site, and most editors offer a free sample edit.  If they do, there is a “Free Sample Edit” button at the bottom of their profile.  Clients upload a page or two and can download the sample document from the website after it’s edited and uploaded by the editor.  Editor World asks editors to return free sample edit documents within 2 days.  We have a variety of experts offering editing services through Editor World, so this feature allows clients to pick the editor whose style is the best fit for their project.  Registered clients can also use the message system to communicate with editors.


Scribe: What advice would you give a writer who is searching for an editor for the first time?

PF: I always recommend that clients use the message system to contact potential editors and to utilize the free sample edit feature before submitting a document for editing.  This helps the client know what to expect from the editing process.  When working with any individual editor or a larger company, the client should look for feedback from previous clients and ask about both quality and the editor’s ability to meet deadlines.


Scribe: What do you see are the one or two biggest challenges facing writers in the editing process?

PF: One of the biggest challenges writers face in the editing process is finding an editor who is a good fit for the project, understands what the writer wants, and will meet deadlines.  We get many calls and emails from writers who are looking for a new editor because they aren’t happy with a previous editor, and it’s generally because (1) the quality wasn’t good, (2) the editor changed the writer’s voice, or (3) the deadline wasn’t met.


Scribe: What’s your biggest piece of advice for meeting these challenges?

PF: As with any relationship, communication is crucial.  The writer needs to provide relevant information to the editor so he/she can work on the document accordingly, and the editor needs to answer any questions the writer may have.  Clearly stating the expectations is also important. One of the benefits of using a company that provides editing services, whether it’s Editor World or another company, is that the company generally oversees the quality of editors and makes sure that editors are meeting deadlines.  In addition, online ratings and reviews of editors and companies can be helpful for writers trying to choose an editor.


Scribe: Pick one Texas-related book that has come out within the past year that you couldn’t put down.

PF:The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate


Scribe: What’s important to you about supporting the Writers’ League of Texas and being a community member?

PF: I first heard about the Writers’ League of Texas because of the Agents and Editors Conference.  After attending the conference in 2014, I went to the 2015 Summer Writing Retreat, and was so pleased with both.  The programs benefited me as the owner of a company that offers editing services and also as a writer.  No organization in my area offers the same selection of workshops, retreats, and conferences for writers, which is why it’s important for me to support the Writers’ League of Texas.