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Proofreading Service Challenges Clients to 'Take Their Word'

Web-Based Editing & Proofreading Service Wins Clients’ Trust and Confidence

Editor World, the industry’s newest web-based, one-stop solution for proofreading and editing services, is proving to be one of the most efficient, effective, and affordable options for students, professionals, and professional and aspiring writers. You can take the company’s word for it – literally. As a professional courtesy, Editor World now offers a free sample edit for up to two pages of copy for new clients in the process of selecting an editor for their latest work. The free sample edit is just one of many ways the new company is winning writers’ trust and confidence, and earning its position as a new industry leader.


“Whether you’ve just completed your graduate thesis or dissertation, a new byline article, or your first novel, you want assurance that the person who will be editing your work will invest the same care, diligence, and expertise during the editing process that you’ve invested in crafting the first draft,” said Patti Fisher, owner. “Our free sample edit option offers peace of mind and demonstrates our expertise and commitment to top-notch client service.”


Choosing the right editor is a make-or-break decision for students, professionals, academics, and professional or aspiring writers on the road to success, so it’s not a decision one should take lightly. Many writers make the mistake of relying solely on referrals, editors’ resumes, or advertising hype when selecting an editor. The result is wasted money and time, and when up against critical deadlines, missed opportunities.


Editor World helps make the editing process seamless and hassle-free from the selection process to the completion of the final draft. The company’s free sample edit option affords potential new clients an opportunity to become better acquainted with an editor’s style and level of skill, without expense, and confidently select an editor who is well-suited for their project.   


Editor World specializes in academic, book, business document, style, and other types of editing. Whether a writer needs simple proofreading or more extensive structural editing, the company’s staff is qualified to help clients pen the perfect piece.


“Our staff of editors fully understand the magnitude of our clients’ projects and are committed not only to their satisfaction, but also to their success as writers,” said Fisher.