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  • Published Author
  • 20-Year Professional Background in Communications
  • Teaching English As a Second Language Certification
  • BS in Sociology and Psychology
  • MA in Humanities and Socioenvironmental Science
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While I am open to (and skilled at) editing any form of a document, ESL editing really is where my developed skills are at, as I have over a decade of experience living and working in non-English-speaking countries (including Europe and Asia). My goal is to support intelligent and productive people who are limited merely by English language skills to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively so they can advance in their careers and lives overall. I prefer editing longer, particularly academically oriented, documents.


My editorial (research, writing, and editing) background spans 14 years and is based broadly on mass and interpersonal communication and academia. As a newspaper journalist in the USA, I covered a dynamic range of topic beats, which required engaging, understanding, and publicly channeling people’s worldviews and related communications.


My experience abroad has involved serving editorial roles in the public and private sectors, including advising ESL communications for government-level research/policy projects and working for magazines as a writer, reporting editor, and managing editor.

I have created three books: two are journalism/ethnography based; the third is my thesis-monograph, which is a dissertation-length, social sciences-based book that delves into some of the societal and environmental impacts of capitalism-related development. This research and writing experience has been supported by my academic journeys in mass communications, sociology, and psychology (bachelor’s), humanities and environmental science (master’s), and briefly at the Ph.D. level in a family social science program.

I now utilize this versatile-background experience as an editor of business and personal communications, book manuscripts, general academic writing, theses, dissertations, and journal manuscripts. I provide clients with an in-depth, thorough, and supportive editorial service that is always delivered on time.

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