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  • Senior Copy Editor, New York University
  • Certified Editor, International Association of Professional Writers and Editors
  • MFA in Writing, New York University
  • Published Fiction Writer, Various Magazines
  • MA in English, New York University
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I'm a highly experienced editor, copyeditor, and proofreader with more than a decade of experience in a variety of editorial and educational settings, including academic and literary journals, higher education institutions, and the corporate world. I'm a certified editor with the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors.


I provide clients with extensive line edits on each document, as well as more general suggestions about structure, organization, and clarity. I've worked with undergraduate and graduate students on their writing at high-level universities, and I also have significant experience working with International students and ESL clients. I've published fiction, nonfiction, and scholarly work, and I've edited all of those professionally as well.


I'm available for small projects with a quick turnaround, but I'm also very excited to work on longer projects, such as dissertations, chapters from nonfiction manuscripts, or long pieces of fiction, including novels. I have a passion for the written word and I'm excited to work with you to make your writing the best that it can be.

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5 / 5 2024-04-07 22:22:57
BookDoc did a great job of editing my doctoral paper. He caught a misspelling on a footnote and drew attention to some phrases that I needed to reword. He also showed me that, in some places on the document, quotations were better than italics. I think it is a much cleaner paper now. Thanks for the editing help!
5 / 5 2024-04-06 05:03:08
5 / 5 2024-01-07 10:50:23
Thank you for your careful and thoughtful editing and the helpful suggestions and advice.
5 / 5 2023-12-28 19:12:06
Fast, reliable, conscientious.
5 / 5 2023-12-28 19:09:51
Meticulous editing, with lots of helpful suggestions, while also leaving you your own voice.
5 / 5 2023-12-28 09:58:05
Great editing. Thank you very much.
5 / 5 2023-12-20 09:38:47
Thank you so much for your great help!
5 / 5 2023-12-15 23:24:33
I'm very happy with the edits/comments. Thanks.
5 / 5 2023-12-15 17:35:33
Thank you very much!
5 / 5 2023-12-07 15:54:22
BookDoc, I am grateful for your incredible editing. Your thoughtful feedback and suggested changes helped elevate the work. Thank you!
5 / 5 2023-11-26 06:29:10
5 / 5 2023-11-23 02:50:00
The editing was very well done.
5 / 5 2023-11-16 19:02:41
As it says in the logo: Your Words. Perfected!
5 / 5 2023-11-16 19:00:30
Reliable, fast, nothing but genuine improvements!
5 / 5 2023-11-16 18:59:07
The editor reads carefully, always looking for the best possible solution. The wonderful thing is that he READS your text, so that he can provide help that fits the point or argument you try to make.
5 / 5 2023-11-15 15:10:12
Gratefully acknowledge the editorial acumen: attentive to grammar, syntax, and punctuation; helpful hints at rewording so as to make my style more academic and flow better. Always on time, sometimes even done way before the deadline.
5 / 5 2023-11-08 22:00:02
Thorough editing, not just corrections but useful suggestion for improving my sentences so that they flow smoothly. The editor lets me keep my own voice while gently pointing out inaccuracies. Thank you.
5 / 5 2023-11-06 11:01:07
I could not have asked for better editing. The editor read my manuscript thoroughly and made suggestions that clarified what I was trying to say , while at the same time improving my style beyond technicalities.
5 / 5 2023-09-11 22:46:33
Thank you for editing my cover letter and sending it to me soon. Your comments have improved my work. Many thanks.
5 / 5 2023-07-09 20:35:44
Outstanding. Thanks for helping me.