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Why Women Should Start Businesses

While a major benefit of traditional employment is the overall stability it provides, the pandemic shed light on how fragile those jobs are. As a result of this fragility, more women are taking control of how they earn. Women-owned firms make up 30% of all businesses in the U.S., generating about $1.5 trillion in revenue (American Express). Men own three times more businesses than women according to Score. According to  Gusto , women started more businesses (49%) than men (42%) in 2021. 

1. Overall Independence

Though being self-employed provides the freedom to control their work schedule, there are countless other freedoms that are drawing more women towards entrepreneurship.

Instead of pitching an idea to an over-burdened boss and waiting for feedback that might never come, women can see their innovations come to light as they implement plans within their own businesses. The creative freedom to make decisions when and how they want will help women bolster further success in their enterprises.

2. Work-Family Balance

Many women feel the burden of guilt when they choose to be working mothers. A demanding job might be fulfilling, but an over-packed schedule can have a detrimental impact on mental health when there’s insufficient time for loved ones.

While some employers create schedules that account for the importance of a work-life balance, it’s certainly no guarantee. Entering the business world as an entrepreneur is no easy task, but it provides women the ultimate freedom: to reclaim control over their time and how they choose to spend it.

3. Female Mentorship

A role model or mentor can provide a positive force of encouragement for those starting out, acting as a sounding board for women entering a given field. But change doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s only with the help of female business owners today that future pioneers can receive the support they need to make their enterprises thrive.

The women of tomorrow hoping to embark on entrepreneurship must be inspired by today’s female trailblazers as they move within the business world and cement their place as leaders and innovators.