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Why Hiring a Copy Editor is a Good Idea

Hiring a copy editor could vastly improve the quality of your work, whether you're writing a book manuscript, academic paper, or job application. However, before we get into the advantages of hiring a copy editor, we first need to establish the importance of editing. Editing is a process in which someone carefully examines the content of a document and makes revisions to improve it. 

The revisions made while editing and proofreading encompass spelling, grammar, the accuracy of the language, readability, and much more. Editing and proofreading are the final steps in the writing process, as you want to ensure that your work is professional and free of errors. These are not steps that should ever be skipped.


Why Is It Important To Edit Documents?

A document should always be edited and revised before being submitted. The key benefit of editing and proofreading a paper is that it can help improve its overall quality. It allows the writer or copy editor the opportunity to correct errors, improve readability, etc. For example, a piece of writing filled with overly long sentences or misspelled words can be challenging to read and appear unprofessional. 

If editing and proofreading sound too complex or time-consuming, you should absolutely consider hiring a copy editor for assistance.


What Are the Advantages of an Editor?

You can technically proofread your own work, but many choose not to. When reading through our own work, we tend to overlook mistakes or rely too much on online paper checkers. You'll get much better results if you hire an experienced copy editor that can focus all their energy on editing your content. Still unsure? Here are a few of the many benefits of hiring a copy editor.


They'll identify and correct errors

A copy editor can check your content for a wide variety of errors. This includes checks for grammar, language clarity, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and spelling.


They offer a fresh perspective

Copy editors are vital because they bring a fresh perspective. Unlike you, they're unbiased and detached from the content emotionally. This allows them to think of questions, rebuttals, or logical fallacies that you may not have considered. 


They can prevent reader confusion 

Do you tend to use idioms, phrases, or creative similes? If so, there's a chance you've included one that some of your readers won't understand. This is something that a copy editor can identify and make a note of when looking over your work. 


They can make readability edits

Copy editors don't just make edits to improve your grammar and spelling. They can also help make your writing as readable as possible. This may include omitting passive voice, adding lists, and breaking up long sentences.


They'll ensure your work is style guide compliant

Are you tired of triple-checking style guides to ensure that your document follows all the correct formatting rules? A copy editor will have no problem consulting with these guides and making the appropriate changes on your behalf. 


They'll catch consistency issues 

A copy editor can identify a wide range of consistency issues in your writing. This could include using different fonts, switching perspectives, changing the tone of voice, and so on. They can also ensure that word use stays consistent throughout the content (ex: e-commerce vs. eCommerce). 


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