Why Do You Need an Editor? | Professional Proofreaders

Why Do You Need an Editor or Proofreader?


Have you ever written and presented an important document only to see an error shortly after? This is a common occurrence because editing your own writing is very difficult, even for professional writers and editors. In today’s virtual and global environment, it is crucial that you are able to write well and present materials to others that are free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.


Everyone who wants to be taken seriously needs well-written documents and materials that demonstrate their ability and professionalism. When writing documents, you become extremely familiar with the content and that makes it more difficult to spot the errors or areas that could be improved. Your familiarity with the content can also prevent you from seeing areas that don’t flow well or wouldn’t make sense to the reader of the document. Editing is a crucial part of the writing process when developing any type of document that you need to read well and be presented in the best form possible.


A professional editor will help you by improving the flow of the document’s content while also ensuring that the story, argument, or other material makes sense to the audience of the document. A professional editor can easily spot the use of terms that may not be common to the average reader, and will correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes while also improving word choice.  A skilled editor will polish your written document it so it’s more professional, easier to read, and able to enhance your reputation.


Using an editor also saves you time. A professional editor can make revisions in a single round within a few days, while those same revisions may have taken you several rounds of editing and several weeks. This allows you to move on to other tasks or work on additional documents you are writing. When you review the revisions an editor makes to your document, you will also likely learn new things about writing, grammar, spelling, and formatting.


The expansion of your knowledge of writing and editing is one of the often overlooked benefits of using professional editing services. When you review the revisions made by the editor and read the editor’s comments within your paper, you gain knowledge of writing and editing. For example, your editor may note that only two sentences is not sufficient for a separate paragraph or that a certain style guide requires one space between sentences. You may notice that the editor always spells out the first instance of an acronym within a paragraph, but uses the acronym from that point on in the paragraph. There are many intricacies of writing that can only be learned through repetition and help from a professional.

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