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Which Nonfiction Book Editing Service is the Best?

Many self-publishing authors ask, “What is the best nonfiction book editing service?” With so many book editing services to choose from, there is no unanimous “best” nonfiction book editing service—there is only a best book editing service for each author given their book topic, editing needs, preferences for publication, and budget. Book editing services vary in price, reliability, reputation, and other factors, and each author should take the time to find the best book editing service for their project.


Any nonfiction author searching for a book editing service should first consider the type of book they’re writing, how they wish to disseminate the book, and what type of editing they require at this stage in the revision process. First, it can be helpful to find a book editing service that focuses on nonfiction books in your genre. Second, some nonfiction book editing services and individual book editors provide editing earlier on in the revision process, with a focus on substantive or developmental editing. Other book editing services focus on copyediting or line editing nonfiction manuscripts. Some book editing services provide a variety of types of editing services, while others focus on one specific type of editing, such as copyediting or proofreading.


Which nonfiction book editing service is best for you depends on your editing needs for each book project, such as your preferences for editing style. Are you looking for more involved editing and feedback, or do you want a basic copyedit of your book manuscript with limited comments from the editor? Do you need fact checking or other additional tasks within the editing process? These are important factors to think about when choosing a book editing service, and you should clearly establish your goals and requirements before hiring a book editor or agreeing to pay for any book editing services. As the author of the book, you also want to define the turnaround time for receiving your edited manuscript. You should always ask about the deadline for receiving your edited book manuscript as well as how the edited manuscript will be returned to you. As the author, you should also gather information from previous clients of the editor about client satisfaction and whether the deadline is likely to be met, whether you ask for references or look for client reviews.


Another factor when trying to find the best nonfiction book editing service is whether you prefer to hire an individual book editor or work through a company that provides book editing services. If choosing a company, do you want the editor automatically assigned to your book project, or do you want to choose the person who edits your book manuscript? If choosing a book editing service provided through a company, you should also know whether you can communicate directly with the book editor working on your manuscript. If you’re choosing an individual book editor, you want to establish what forms of payment they accept and at what point in the editing process you will need to pay. You also want to discuss the timeline for editing your book manuscript and if the editor will give updates throughout the editing process.


One final consideration to make when choosing the best nonfiction book editing service for you is your budget for editing and proofreading. Every published book should undergo editing as well as a final round of proofreading before publication to eliminate remaining typos and errors. Given your budget, you will need to find a book editing service that is affordable and allows you to have the book manuscript proofread in the final stage. One question to ask the book editing service is whether the price quoted for editing includes one round of editing (this is often the case) or if it includes multiple rounds of editing.


As discussed throughout this article, there is no best book editing service, but there is a best book editing services for you. As the author of a book that’s important to you, you should fully understand the policies of any book editing service you select before submitting your book manuscript for editing. It is also important to define your editing needs, preferences, and the total cost before making a final decision.


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