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Which Manuscript Editing Service is Best?

Although many people want to know which is the best manuscript editing and proofreading service, there is no universal “best” service; however, there is a best manuscript editing and proofreading service for each individual given their editing needs, preferences, and budget. The skills, experience, reliability, reputation, and balance between the price and quality of manuscript editing services vary, and each individual needs to find the best service for them.


The first consideration to make when searching for a manuscript editing and proofreading service is the type of manuscript you’re writing. Are you publishing a book, journal article, white paper, business document, or something else? Some manuscript editing companies and  editors provide more broad editing services, while others have a niche and focus on more narrow document types, such as those who only edit book manuscripts. Depending on how frequently you need a manuscript editor, you may want to choose a manuscript editing service that offers an editing team so you can develop a working relationship with a few editors and submit documents on an ongoing basis. This is particularly helpful if there is a lot of variety in the types of manuscripts you create and if you want to have different individuals work on each. If you only need manuscript editing services one time, having access to an editing team may not be as important to you. In this case, you could find a qualified individual to edit your manuscript, being sure to verify the editor’s credentials, reputation, and reliability.


Which manuscript editing service is best for you also depends on your unique editing needs. Do you want more involved editing and feedback, or do you want a basic copyedit of your document with limited comments from the editor? These are things to consider when choosing a manuscript editing service, and you should clearly establish your goals and requirements before hiring an editor or agreeing to pay for editing services. As the writer of the manuscript, you also want to define the turnaround time for receiving your edited manuscript. Some editors are able to work faster and offer a quicker turnaround time than others, and this is something you should know before making a decision on which manuscript editing service or manuscript editor to choose: What is the deadline for receiving your edited manuscript? As the manuscript writer, you should also know whether the deadline you are given will be met based on the editor’s or company’s previous projects. There’s nothing more frustrating than anticipating a deadline that’s not met by the editor.  


Your preferences also affect the manuscript editing service that is best for you. Would you prefer to hire an individual editor or work through an editing services company? If you choose an editing services company, do you want an editor automatically assigned to your project, or do you want to choose who edits your manuscript? Before submitting your manuscript for editing to a company, you should know whether they will assign an editor or if you need to select an editor. Another question you need to ask is whether you want to have open communication with the manuscript editor working on your document. If this is important to you, then you would want to select an individual editor or work with a company that allows you to communicate with your editor throughout the editing process.


The final consideration in deciding which manuscript editing service is best for you is how much you can spend to have your manuscript edited and proofread. Before submitting your document to any manuscript editor or editing service, you should clearly understand what you can expect and what you’re paying for. Is the price you’re quoted for one round of editing, which is often the case, or does it include one round of editing followed by one round of proofreading? It is also your responsibility to verify the reputation and reliability of any manuscript editor or editing service you are considering before you make an agreement to purchase or pay for editing services. Many writers have submitted a manuscript for editing and paid thousands of dollars only to be disappointed when the editor failed to have the skills necessary to provide high-quality editing services or failed to return the edited document on time. This adds unnecessary costs that can often be avoided by taking steps to hire a reputable manuscript editor or editing service.


As discussed throughout this article, there is no universal best manuscript editing service; however, there is the best manuscript editing service for you. As a paying customer, it is important to fully understand the policies of any manuscript editing service you hire before submitting your document for editing. It is also important to define your editing needs, preferences, and budget before comparing several editing services companies or editors and making a final decision.

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