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Which Academic Proofreading Service is Best?

Scholars often ask, “Which academic proofreading service is the best?” However, no academic proofreading service is the best for each and every client. There is only the “best” academic proofreading service given an individual scholar’s unique manuscript, editing needs, preferences, communication preferences, and budget. The prices and quality of various academic proofreading service can differ dramatically, as do the education, experience, and style of each academic proofreader. Therefore, you need to carefully consider what you are looking for in order to find the best academic proofreading service for you.


One factor that influences your choice of an academic proofreading service is the type of academic manuscript you’re writing. If you’re writing an essay or article for the mainstream media, your selection of an academic proofreader would potentially differ from the academic proofreading service you would choose for a dissertation, thesis, or journal manuscript. Some academic proofreading services will review a variety of document types, while others may focus specifically on proofreading dissertations or other particular types of academic manuscripts.


If you intend to have a long career in academia, finding the best academic proofreading service for you may take more consideration than if you will only need to hire an academic proofreading service a few times. For those using academic proofreading services over a longer term, an academic proofreading service rather than an individual academic proofreader may be a good choice. An academic proofreading service gives you the ability to find several editors who are a good fit for your documents. This way you can submit documents at any time, regardless of whether one particular proofreader is available on a certain day or at a certain time. An academic proofreading team is also useful if the documents you write vary in style, format, or topic. Having access to a team of academic proofreaders allows you to choose a different proofreader for each document. When submitting any academic document for proofreading, be sure to verify the reputation of the academic proofreading service as well as the experience and skills of the individual proofreader.


Which academic proofreading service is best for you is also influenced by the requirements you have for proofreading your academic manuscript. Do you want the proofreader to provide feedback as they make final proofreading revisions, or do you only want proofreading and no comments so your document is ready to present after accepting all revisions? This information needs to be clearly communicated to the proofreader when you submit your document; otherwise, the proofreader may misunderstand your proofreading needs. Clear, detailed communication is important in any relationship, and the relationship between a writer and proofreader is no different.


Establishing the timeline for when you need the academic proofreading services completed is important before you pay or have the proofreader start to work on your document. If you need to submit your manuscript by a certain date and time, you need to think about the time it will take you to review the document after receiving it from the proofreader. You should also gather information on whether the deadline is likely to be met based on the academic proofreader’s or academic proofreading service’s previous proofreading requests.


When selecting an academic proofreading service, think about whether you want to choose the proofreader or if you want the company to assign your document to someone. Also confirm whether the academic proofreading service allows you to communicate directly with the academic proofreader reviewing your document. Direct communication with your proofreader is useful in case the proofreader has any questions for you as they make final revisions to your document.


When choosing the best academic proofreading service for you, your budget influences the service you will choose. Before submitting your document or payment to any academic proofreader or academic proofreading service, you should clearly understand what the proofreading service includes as well as the total price. Does the proofreader use Track Changes to show you revisions that have been made or do they have another process? You also want to know whether the proofreader charges by the hour, word, or page. If the proofreader bases their rates on number of pages, how many words do they consider to be one page?


As this article discussed, there is no academic proofreading service that’s best for all people, but there can be a best academic proofreading service for you. Before submitting your manuscript for proofreading, you should fully understand the policies of the academic proofreader or academic proofreading services company. You should also define your preferences and budget before comparing academic proofreading services and academic proofreaders, and communicate your requirements when purchasing academic proofreading services.


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