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The Best English Academic Editing Service

In truth, there is no universal “best” English academic editing service. There’s only the best English academic editing service for you given your project, editing needs, preferences, and budget. The quality of academic editing services varies from one company to another and from one editor to another.  


The first consideration for anyone looking for English academic editing services is what type of project you’re working on. Are you publishing an academic book, journal article manuscript, or white paper, or are you working on an assignment, thesis, dissertation, or other type of academic document? Different academic editing companies and individual academic editors may focus on one or more of these specific document types. Depending on your future plans, you may want to choose an editing services company with an academic editing team so you can develop a working relationship with a few editors and submit different types of academic documents. This is helpful if you’ll be submitting a variety of projects. If you are working on a dissertation and don’t plan on publishing on the future, you may want to choose an academic editor or academic editing services company focused specifically on dissertation editing.


Which English academic editing service is best also depends on your editing needs. Are you looking for more extensive editing and feedback, or do you want a basic copyedit of your document with limited comments? This is a factor to consider when choosing an academic editing service, and should be clearly established before hiring an academic editor or paying for academic editing services. You also want to define the turnaround time for editing your academic document. Some editors work faster than others, and this is something you should know before making a decision on which English academic editing service or academic editor to choose. You should also know whether the deadline you are given will be met based on the editor’s or company’s previous projects.


Your preferences also influence which English academic editing service is best for you. Do you prefer to hire an individual editor or work through an editing services company? If you choose an editing services company, do you want them to assign an editor to your project, or do you want to have flexibility in choosing which editor works on your document? Before submitting your document for editing to a company, you should know whether they assign an academic editor or if you can choose the academic editor. Do you want to have open communication with the academic editor working on your document? If so, you likely want to select an individual editor or work with a company that allows you to choose your own editor and communicate with them throughout the editing process.


The final consideration in deciding which English academic editing service is best for you is your budget. Before submitting your document to any academic editor or academic editing service, you should clearly understand what is included in the price. Is the price for one round of editing, or does it include a round of editing followed by a round of proofreading? You need to verify the reputation and reliability of any academic editor or academic editing service you decide to work with before making any agreement to purchase services or pay for any academic editing services. Many academic writers have submitted an academic document for editing and paid hundreds of dollars but were disappointed when the editor failed to provide high-quality academic editing services or failed to complete the editing by the agreed-upon deadline. This adds unnecessary costs that could be avoided by selecting a reputable editor or editing service in the first place. Our article How much does academic editing cost? can give an idea of prices to help you get started.


As discussed throughout this article, there is no single best English academic editing service. There’s only the best English academic editing service for you. As the customer, you must fully understand the policies of any academic editing service you choose before paying for any services or agreeing to submit a document for services. Any smart consumer of English academic editing services will define their editing needs, preferences, and budgets before comparing several companies or editors and making a final decision on which to choose. See our comparison of academic editing services to help you make a choice.


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