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What is English Editing & Proofreading?

Regardless of your education level or career, it is almost impossible to avoid writing essays, articles, papers, or another type of document during your lifetime. For those who are writing documents in English as a second (or third…) language, there is an extra hurdle, because writing in English can be complicated even for native speakers. The term English editing is generally used to refer to a professional editor who is a native English speaker reviewing a document for clarity, flow, grammar, word usage, and any errors. It can be challenging to know where to look when you need English editing services.


An English editor enhances your written document by correcting mistakes, reviewing the document’s consistency and tone, eliminating grammar and spelling errors as well as typos, and offering suggestions for improvement where needed. Using the services of an English editor is always a good idea, even if only to perform one final review, before you present the document to your audience. This is especially true if English is not your native language.


When searching for an English editor, start by looking at your local university’s website or contacting the English Department at the university. You may be able to find local scholars who are both familiar with your subject matter and trained in writing and/or editing. In addition, the university may be able to provide you with a list of professional English editors. If there is a language, cultural, or international institute in your region you could also reach out to them to see if they provide any resources related to English editing. A writing center can also be helpful when looking for English editing services, so contacting your local university or searching their website to find information on any existing writing centers or services can be useful. Another option is to post an ad requesting English editing services on local job or announcement boards.


Searching online for an English editor can also be promising, especially if you are facing a quick deadline or do not know of an academic institution or other writing service in your region. Editing websites such as Editor World provide instant English editing services by professional editors with decades of experience. Online editing companies allow you to easily purchase high-quality English editing services. One benefit of using an editing services company over an individual freelancer is that you can gather more information on the company’s reputation and have more methods for recourse if you run into any problems.


There are many places to find English editors online, so just make sure that the editor or company you choose is reputable and reliable. The English editor you choose should also have strong communication skills and respond in a timely manner. Requesting an editing sample is always a good idea to ensure that you will receive high-quality, professional English editing services. Seeing an example of an English editor’s revisions in your own document is always helpful so you know what to expect if you do purchase their paid editing services.

When you make a decision to purchase English or any other type of editing services, you should always provide detailed instructions for the editor to make sure you get what you need out of the service. Without these instructions, the editor must make their best guess about what you’re looking for. This may seem unnecessary, but each client has unique goals and this influences how the editing is performed. For example, some clients want the editor to make revisions without making any comments or inserting any questions for clarification so they can present the document immediately after accepting the revisions (through Track Changes). On the other hand, some clients request feedback throughout their document, and others request that as few revisions as possible are made. As you can see, providing instructions for your English editor to clarify your goals and expectations is important so you get the service you want.


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