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What is a Manuscript Editor?

After weeks, months, and sometimes years of writing, you finally have a full manuscript to send off to potential publishers. Congratulations! Completing a manuscript of any length and of any subject is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and you should send query letters to those publishers that are the best fit for your manuscript. However, a well edited manuscript can make all the difference between the publisher requesting more chapters or the publisher throwing your manuscript in the slush pile. A good manuscript editor can help you present the best version of your manuscript to potential publishers.


The overall job of a professional manuscript editor is to revise the manuscript content to improve clarity, readability, and overall flow as well as correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. While it may take a few rounds of editing, a professional manuscript editor can also offer a number of suggestions for improving your manuscript, such as:


  • Identify and edit awkward phrasing
  • Improve dialogue
  • Note issues with story structure and character development
  • Identify any plot, timeline, or pacing inconsistencies
  • Highlight overused words or phrases
  • Note any inconsistencies with section order or overall argument(s)
  • Ensure that the manuscript adheres to the correct style guidelines (MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.)


There are several manuscript editing services available to you, and their rates vary depending on the type and complexity of the edit. Be sure to research all potential manuscript editing services until you find the professional manuscript editor that is right for your manuscript.


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