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What Does an ESL Editor Do?

Our increasingly global world means that greater numbers of people are traveling to and living in places that have a different first language than their native language. For non-native English speakers, writing documents in English can be a challenge because of differences in structure between various languages. One term used for non-native English speakers is ESL, or English as a Second Language. The term English as a Foreign Language, or EFL, is also used for EFL speakers and EFL writers. Writing documents can be a challenge for ESL and EFL individuals because the ideas and content presented are often exceptional, but the document simply needs to be edited by a native English editor to perfect the writing.


ESL writers often need assistance with word choices, sentence construction, and transitioning from one statement to another.  It is difficult for every writer, even those writing in their native language, to recognize mistakes, and expressing oneself in a second (or third or fourth… – so impressive) language is not easy. An ESL editor will improve the clarity and readability of an ESL document, focusing on flow as well as grammar, word usage, spelling, and punctuation. Depending on the stage of the document, multiple rounds of editing may be required to get the document to its final state.


Editor World’s professional editors and proofreaders specialize in working with clients for whom English is a second language (ESL). We only hire native English speakers with exceptional credentials who can pass our editing test. Editor World’s editors and proofreaders have edited and proofread personal documents as well as business and academic documents in a wide variety of fields, from the humanities to sciences, engineering to math, and so many more. Our editors understand that papers written by ESL clients may require more in-depth editing. Some documents require more than one round of editing, and we offer discounted prices on the second round of editing as well as the final round of proofreading.