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What Are Editing and Proofreading Services?

One big question that many individuals have when writing a new document is: “What are editing and proofreading services?” Does an editor simply proofread the document, or do they do more? What do editors at large publishing houses do? Who fixes the final errors in a manuscript before it is published? If I purchase editing and proofreading services, what can I expect?


The truth is, editing and proofreading often mean different things in publishing as compared with the phrase “editing and proofreading services” for individuals and other types of businesses. For individuals, editing and proofreading services refer to the line-by-line copyedit of a manuscript, with a focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, followed by proofreading, which is the final review of a document for the last remaining issues. Editing and proofreading services are used by individuals who need to improve written documents, whether those documents are academic papers, business documents, book manuscripts, emails, or something else.


Editing and proofreading services aim to correct written text with a focus on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice, language use, and consistency. Some editing and proofreading services include feedback within the document, such as comments on style, argument, or tone, or as an overall assessment, while others do not provide this feedback.


Editing and proofreading services ensure that phrases and words are used correctly and match the expectations of the document’s audience. An editing and proofreading service will help the writer create clear, concise sentences while making sure the message of the document is easily understood by the audience. Editing and proofreading services also ensure consistency throughout the document, such as capitalization or certain terms being used consistently throughout the text.


Within editing and proofreading services, proofreading is generally less involved, and is solely meant to scan the text for the final, usually minor, mistakes. The proofreader makes a final review for typos, spelling errors, and punctuation problems. Proofreading usually takes less time and is thus less expensive, but it is a crucial part of creating any written document.


If both an editor and a proofreader cannot be hired when purchasing editing and proofreading services because of budget or time restrictions, the editing and proofreading stages may be combined. In this case, the owner (the writer) of the document needs to understand that editing can be a subjective task in some cases and that it is impossible to expect a human to be 100% perfect. In other words, there may be a few minor issues when editing and proofreading are completed in a single review.


In summary, editing and proofreading services improve the quality of any and every written document. Submitting a document for editing and proofreading services ensures that it is well-written does not have a lot of mistakes or confusion within. Many online editing and proofreading services offer a round of editing at one price, with a round of proofreading for the same document at a discounted price.


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