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What Makes Editor World the Best Proofreading Service?

The best proofreading service for your unique needs.

When it comes to finalizing your important documents, you want to find the best proofreading service. Editor World is the answer to your proofreading needs. Proofreading is a requirement for developing any well-written document. You know this – you’ve heard it repeatedly, so we won’t dwell on this topic. You’re reading this article because you are wondering whether you need proofreading services. When looking for proofreading services, almost unlimited options come up when you conduct a simple Internet search. In this search, finding the best proofreading service for you is a priority.


Every editor at Editor World is a native English speaker with years of experience proofreading and editing a variety of documents. Whether you're working on a fiction book, a research paper on mechanical engineering, or a book manuscript on anthropology, your personal editor at Editor World will perfect your work. We asked our editors to let us know how satisfied they are with providing proofreading services through Editor World, and 96% reported being satisfied. Our proofreaders stated that one of the best things about providing services through Editor World is being able to help writers. One editor stated, "I love the variety of jobs. Also, the clients are so appreciative and kind!"


A free proofreading program is unable to recognize the complexities of the English language in the same way as a human proofreader. There is no substitute for a professional proofreader reviewing your document with a “fresh” set of eyes. So, what makes Editor World the best proofreading service online? Our team is composed of experts in editing who will help you perfect your academic manuscripts. The proofreading services at Editor World include revising grammatical issues, ensuring consistency and flow, and removing typos and spelling errors. Proofreading services help with your academic and professional accomplishments, and help you learn more about the writing and editing process, including English grammar.


With the fast turnaround times for proofreading services at Editor World, you can try the best proofreading service online and have a perfected document ready for submission in as soon as 2 hours! We’ve talked about the importance of a professional proofreading service and some of the benefits of Editor World, but what makes Editor World the best proofreading service for you?


Editor World is an American proofreading and editing services marketplace that serves clients around the globe. Academic faculty and students, authors, business professionals, and others rely on the native English editors at Editor World (located in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada) for fast, reliable proofreading and editing services.


Editor World’s prices are clearly listed and the site has an instant price calculator so you can see the total price for proofreading and editing services in seconds. The cost to edit a document with 900 words ranges from 27 USD for a 3-day turnaround to 52.20 USD for a 2-hour turnaround. Some editors offer a discount, with information provided in individual editors’ profiles.


Editor World has 5/5 stars from clients on Google Reviews, 4.9/5 stars on Google Shop, 5/5 stars on Facebook Reviews, and 5/5 stars on Better Business Bureau Reviews.