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How to Find a Dissertation Editor

If you are searching for an editor to help you with your dissertation, this article provides you with suggestions to identify and connect with the right editor for your needs.


Most likely, your dissertation advisor and other members of your committee will serve as experts who can review your content, research design, and methodological approaches. Your institution also probably provides guidelines for theses and dissertations or even a staff person who can assist you with the required formatting. However, you will most certainly benefit from working with a professional editor who can help you to improve your phrasing, flow, consistency, and adherence to your chosen style guide (e.g., APA, Harvard, etc.).


While it never hurts to find an editor with some general knowledge of your subject matter, it is not necessary to find someone who is a leader or content expert in your specific area of research. For example, if you are a chemist, consider finding an editor with a STEM background. He or she is likely more familiar with the approaches and technical language expected in your discipline when compared to an editor with a background in literature. Conversely, if you are a historian, an editor with a background in the humanities or social sciences would be an appropriate choice.


First, look into any editing services offered by your university. Many universities offer a writing center for students, and individuals at the writing center may have suggestions for academic editors. An unlimited number of dissertation editors are also available online. A search for dissertation editing services will provide a number of editing service companies and individual academic editors from which to choose. It is important to explore a few options, reviewing the quality, reputation, reliability, pricing, and turnaround times for each.

Dissertation Editing and Formatting

Have you written the content of your dissertation but are having a hard time editing and formatting it? A professional editor can help you quickly and easily get your dissertation edited and formatted to meet your university's requirements. Professional academic editors have experience improving hundreds of dissertations. This means they know what to look for and how to get your dissertation ready for submission.

With these points in mind, perhaps the most helpful tip in choosing the right editor for your dissertation is to find an individual who has written one. The practical experience and knowledge that one gains from successfully writing and defending a dissertation can be invaluable to a young scholar. Choosing an editor who has a PhD and has edited a number of dissertations for others can be a good option. With the many talented editors available at Editor World, you are sure to find an experienced editor to meet your unique needs. Editor World offers quality dissertation editing services at an affordable price.

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