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How to Find Good Proofreading Services

Professional editing and proofreading services help make written documents more professional and presentable before being shared them with the reader, whether the document will be presented in the workplace or published more formally. When a document is edited, many revisions are made but minor details can be missed, such as an extra space between words, a typo, or a letter that needs to be capitalized. Although editing is important, proofreading is also a crucial component of the writing process. Proofreading, the final stage in the writing and revision process, helps with finding and fixing the final errors in a document. Professional proofreading services will assist any writer with finalizing the spacing between sentences, eliminating typos, and resolving any last issues.


When choosing professional proofreading services online, writers should consider their proofreading needs, preferences, and budget. The quality of proofreading services varies, making it helpful to research professional proofreading services companies before making a purchase. Factors to consider include reviews and ratings of the proofreader or proofreading company, how long they have been offering editing and proofreading servicesprices for editing and proofreading, and the turnaround time.


Many proofreading services offer on-site reviews, ratings, and testimonials, which can provide valuable information; however, you should also review previous client feedback on third-party websites, such as the Better Business Bureau, Google, TrustPilot, and Facebook. If you choose to work through a proofreading services company, you should also verify the skills and experience of the individual proofreader.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization with the goal of increasing trust in the marketplace. The BBB provides information on companies for consumers, including whether clients have complained about the company and client ratings. For some businesses, the BBB provides their own rating based on the business reputation and history. An example overview of Editor World can be found on the BBB website.  


Google also provides information on individual businesses that clients can view to gain more information. Google My Business pages provide information on business location, hours, and client ratings. Some of the information is provided by the business, while the reviews come from clients with a verified email account.


TrustPilot is a Danish consumer review website that provides information submitted by previous clients of a company. Some companies sign up for a TrustPilot account and solicit reviews from clients, while others do not, but companies that choose not to register may still have reviews and ratings on TrustPilot. A few previous clients have reviewed Editor World on the TrustPilot platform.


Facebook allows businesses to provide a company page on its platform. In the past, clients could provide ratings and reviews of a company, although the system for this has changed over time. Reviews of Editor World can be found on the company’s Facebook page. Companies can also share information on their company page, such as offers or events.

About Editor World: Writing, Editing, & Proofreading Services

Editor Worldprovides fast, high-quality editing and proofreading services for English documents. Professional editors and proofreaders are available 24/7, and clients have the benefit of choosing their own professional editor or proofreader. Clients also benefit from an on-site messaging system, which allows the client and professional editor or proofreader to develop a professional relationship.