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How Much Does Editing Cost?

Document editing rates vary based on several factors. Often times rates vary based on the length of your document or the level of edit requested. Some companies also separate the level of effort based on proofreading, copy editing, and content editing. There are other editing companies who separate their rates based on the type of document—a creative writing story versus an academic dissertation or thesis.


Some online editing companies charge for editing by the word, while others charge by the page. If you are being charged per page, you will want to know how many words are considered one page. Some editing companies have different prices for various turnaround times, while others charge a flat rate regardless of the turnaround time.


It is important that you check how the editor you choose sets prices so that you can be clear on what the cost will be before you get started. Rates for editing services will be higher for quicker turnaround times. Giving an online editing services company one week to edit your document will be less expensive than requesting that you have your document back within 24 hours. Editing rates for a 24-hr turnaround for a 300-word document range from $9.60 to $35; rates for a 1-week turnaround for a 5,000-word document range from $158 to $195. Of course, these rates may also vary based on the type of document you have, so keep that in mind.


What’s important is that you do your research before choosing an online business editing service, especially if their rates are not accessible from their website. At Editor World, we charge by the word and all of our editing rates—be it academic, business, creative, or otherwise—are completely transparent. We list our rates on Our Prices page and even offer a price calculator so you always know what your full rate will be. Additionally, you are able to choose the best document editor for your needs based on our editor reviews and areas of expertise.


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