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How Much Does Dissertation Proofreading Cost in 2024?

For graduate students who have already had their dissertation edited, proofreading is the final step in reviewing the manuscript for typos, misspelled words, and other minor issues. Dissertation proofreading costs can vary greatly depending on where you purchase such services. Graduate students often find and purchase dissertation proofreading services after conducting an online search, but local colleges and universities may also have freelance proofreaders to contact directly for proofreading services. In some cases, these services are more affordable, but getting references from other graduate students is a must. Dissertation proofreading services may charge a standard price for reviewing a dissertation, while others may charge based on the number of hours it takes to complete the proofreading or based on the word count.

Cost of Dissertation Proofreading in 2024

When considering the prices for general dissertation proofreading services, costs range from about $0.02 to $0.04 per word. Given an average dissertation word count of 75,000 in the United States, the average cost for dissertation proofreading is $1,500 to $3,000 as of January 2024. The cost to proofread a PhD dissertation with 75,000 words at Scribbr is $2,500, with the document returned in 1 week. The cost at Scribendi is $2,328 (editing completed within 2 weeks). The cost at Editor World is $1,575 (2-week turnaround). 

At some companies, dissertation proofreading services cost less per word or per page when you submit projects with a higher word count. This means that if you are submitting your dissertation for proofreading one chapter at a time you may pay higher prices than if you were to submit the complete dissertation for proofreading at one time. Some dissertation proofreading services may also charge a higher price for proofreading dissertations that are more scientific or technical. The price for proofreading a dissertation is lower than the price for editing a dissertation because proofreading focuses on the last minor issues in the document. Dissertation proofreading prices can increase if your deadline is very soon. A deadline that gives the proofreader very little time to review the manuscript will often require an extra fee or a higher rate for dissertation proofreading.

Paying for dissertation proofreading services will help you remove the final remaining errors in the manuscript. This helps you create a final dissertation that is as professionally presented as possible. If your dissertation is in a Microsoft Word document, the dissertation proofreader will read through your dissertation and make corrections using Track Changes. There may be missing punctuation, inconsistent capitalization for certain words, extra spaces, or other minor errors. A professional proofreader has experiencing spotting and correcting these errors.

Hire a PhD Dissertation Proofreader

Editor World’s cost for dissertation proofreading services starts at $0.021 per word, making the cost of proofreading a 75,000-word dissertation $1,575 as of January 2024. Some dissertation proofreaders offer a discount of up to 20%, reducing the dissertation proofreading cost to $1,260. Editor World’s dissertation proofreading services help you perfect your dissertation before publication, eliminating errors and minor typos that minimize the professionalism of your academic document.