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How Do You Get a Book Edited?

Have you written your first book manuscript and are wondering how to move it forward to publication? Editing is usually the first step toward publishing your book, although the type of editing you will need depends on the condition of the book manuscript and how many revisions it has undergone. For example, if you are the only person who has read the book manuscript, it may require more involved editing as well as more rounds of editing, and perhaps even proofreading as the final step. On the other hand, if you have had multiple others review the book manuscript and have undergone numerous revisions, there may be fewer steps to take to get your book edited.


The first consideration to make when trying to get your book edited is to look at the type of manuscript you’ve written. Is it fiction or nonfiction? What is the genre? Who is the audience of the book? These are just a few things to think about to help move you forward to having your book edited. Your answers to these questions will influence the type of editing you need, the skills needed by your editor, and what type of experience you want your editor to have. For example, you wouldn’t want to choose an editor who specializes in editing romance novels to edit your historical nonfiction book, or vice versa. Finding a highly qualified editor with the right skills is invaluable for authors who need to have a book edited. A professional editor can help writers in several ways.


Do you want more extensive editing revisions and feedback, or do you want a basic copyedit of your book manuscript with limited or no comments from the editor? Are you simply looking for a final proofread of the book manuscript, or something else? These are important to consider when trying to find a book editing service and you need to discuss your expectations with a book editor before agreeing to anything.


It is strongly recommended that you refer to previous clients’ reviews and testimonials when trying to find a book editor. If you are making a purchase through a company that provides book editing services, consider how long the company has been in existence. Having a longer presence as a book editing service is a good indicator that the company provides a legitimate service. The sample applies if you choose to work with an individual book editor. Another place to gather information is the Better Business Bureau website, which provides information on previous client complaints or other issues. There should also be a way for you to contact the book editor with any questions, so be sure that the book editor provides an email address and/or phone number. You should also contact the editing company or freelance editor a few times to make sure you receive a timely response.


Prices for book editing services should be transparent and you should know what you’re paying for. Some editors charge by the hour, while others charge per word or page. When a book editor charges by the hour, it can be difficult to know the total price, so you should ask for a ballpark estimate to avoid surprises. In addition, you should verify whether the price is for one round of editing, which is often the case, or if it includes additional rounds of editing or proofreading.


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