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4 Tips for Writing an Employee Handbook

A well written and edited employee handbook is an essential document for any business. It sets the tone for your expectations, explains your company’s policies and rules, and is one of the initial modes of communication between you and your employees. Because employee handbooks play so many roles in effective communication, it is important that they are well-written and professionally edited and proofread. 

  1. Use the handbook to communicate your expectations. Stating your expectations verbally is always a good practice; however, it’s even better to have your expectations in writing. By communicating your expectations in an employee handbook, your employees aren’t required to remember everything you say—they have a document to refer to should they need a quick reminder about company/employee expectations.
  2. Use the handbook to stress safety and security. It’s important for you, as an employer, to stress how crucial your employees’ safety and security is. Having a section devoted to safety and security in your employee handbook gives you the space you need to outline what steps should be taken if an employee is injured at work; what to do in case of an emergency, such as a fire or severe weather; or who to contact for any other safety or security issues.
  3. Use the handbook to outline employee benefits and compensation. While most employers have multiple resources in place for employees to find information about their benefits and compensation, it is in good practice to devote a section of your employee handbook to these topics.
  4. Use the handbook as a demonstration of your professionalism. This last tip is easily overlooked but is perhaps one of the most important tips on this list. Unprofessional documents filled with grammatical and mechanic errors communicate something very specific to your employees—quality work is optional. Your employee handbook is an extension of your business so it should be presented as such. Investing in professional editing services and business proofreading services to edit and proofread your employee manual is a must. Working with a professional editor will ensure that your employee handbook is error-free and well written and that your important ideas are clearly and adequately expressed.


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