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Six Tips for Finding a Legit Proofreading Service

Professional editing and proofreading services help make written documents more professional and presentable before sharing them with the reader, whether the document will be presented in the workplace or published more formally. When a document is edited, many revisions are made but minor details can be missed, such as an extra space between words, a typo, or a letter that needs to be capitalized. Although editing is important, proofreading is also a crucial component of the writing process. Proofreading, the final stage in the writing and revision process, helps with finding and fixing the final errors in a document. Professional proofreading services will assist any writer with finalizing the spacing between sentences, eliminating typos, and resolving any last issues. There’s no question that a professional proofreader will enhance the quality of your work, but how do you find a legitimate proofreading service that offers professional proofreaders that you can trust? Below is a list of things to look for when searching for legit proofreading services.


  1. What is the cost? Some online editing companies charge by the word, while others charge by the page. If you are being charged per page, it is important to know how many words are considered one page. Some editing companies have different prices for various turnaround times, while others charge a flat rate regardless of the turnaround time. Whatever the case may be, with professional editing services the old adage is usually true—you get what you pay for. If you find a proofreading service whose costs are way above or way below the average, you might want to consider this a red flag. While it might be a legit proofreading services company, the drastic reduction/inflation of cost compared to other proofreading services companies should tell you that you at least need to do more research on this company.
  2. Where are they located? Online businesses in the United States are required to have a physical address, and they are required, by law, to post this address on their websites or on any correspondence with their clients. They also need to be registered as a company if they are in the United States. If you find a professional proofreading services company that doesn’t provide a physical address you should take it as a sign that the company might not be legit. One way you can check if the company is registered as a business is through the CorpSearch
  3. Do they provide editor profiles? Choosing a quality, professional proofreader is hard enough even when you can view their profile. Now imagine if you had to select a proofreader knowing nothing about their credentials—what their proofreading experience is, what types of documents they specialize in proofreading, what relevant education they have. If the professional proofreading services company that you’re interested in doesn’t offer editor/proofreader profiles, it’s time to move on.
  4. What payments do they accept? Most legit proofreading services will accept such payment options as PayPal, Visa (and other credit cards), Google Checkout, among others. A proofreading service that request checking or savings account information as a form of payment is most likely not a legit proofreading service, and you should be wary of these sites.
  5. Can you find reviews of their services? Many proofreading services offer on-site reviews, ratings, and testimonials, which can provide valuable information; however, you should also review previous client feedback on third-party websites, such as the Better Business Bureau, Google, TrustPilot, and Facebook. If you choose to work through a proofreading services company, you should also verify the skills and experience of the individual proofreader.
  6. Do they offer document security? Document security can include many things, such as encrypted servers, editor/client confidentiality, nondisclosure agreements, and/or stored or shared data. A legit proofreading service will offer a combination of these security measures to their clients. If they don’t, they are not a legit proofreading service and you should steer clear of them.


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