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How to Find a Dissertation Proofreader


With so many options to choose from when searching for dissertation proofreading services online, any doctoral candidate looking for a dissertation proofreader needs to consider their budget, requirements, preferences, and the qualifications and reliability of the proofreader or proofreading company. There are variances in the quality and reliability of dissertation proofreaders and dissertation proofreading services, and every graduate student should conduct research on the proofreader or company offering dissertation proofreading services before making a decision or submitting any payment. When selecting a professional dissertation proofreading service, it is also crucial to verify the individual proofreader’s skills and experience. If possible, getting feedback from a previous client of the proofreader can help, and online reviews are also a good place to find information.


With so many professional dissertation proofreading services to choose from and various levels and prices charged by each service, the first step is to think about your budget. Before paying someone to proofread your dissertation, check with the graduate school and writing center at your university because they may offer free services or have recommendations for low-cost proofreaders or proofreading services.


Dissertation proofreaders charge a wide range of prices, and you need to understand how the individual proofreader or the company prices their services for proofreading your dissertation. Are there different levels of editing and proofreading, and what is included in the price you pay? Is the total price based on the word count of your dissertation, or is it based on page count? Some individual proofreaders may charge by the hour. It is smart for you to compare the prices listed by various proofreading services, comparing the total price for proofreading your unique dissertation, taking into account the length and other relevant factors.


Some dissertation proofreaders are willing to help with dissertations from any field, while others may have a narrower focus, such as only accepting dissertations in the social sciences, engineering, or humanities. Do you prefer a dissertation proofreader who specializes in your field or do you want someone who has broader knowledge of proofreading dissertations and academic documents? Do you prefer to use an individual proofreader, or do you prefer to use a proofreading services company? If you choose a dissertation proofreading company, do you want them to assign the document to a proofreader, or do you want to choose the individual proofreader? Regardless of your choices, confirm the deadline and price with the proofreader before making any agreements.


If you are likely to continue using academic proofreading services in your future career, it can be helpful to select a proofreading services company that offers a team of proofreaders so you can develop working relationships with several experts instead of needing to rely on a single individual. This can reduce times when you need academic proofreading but your sole proofreader is not available for new proofreading requests. Having an on-demand academic proofreading team is also helpful if you will be using professional proofreading services for a variety of document types. When working with a team of academic proofreaders, you can choose the proofreader who is the best fit for each document you write.


If the only time you are likely to need a professional academic proofreader is when writing your dissertation, a proofreading team may not be as important. In this case, you have more flexibility and may simply want to choose a qualified individual or company to proofread your manuscript; however, be sure to verify the proofreader’s education, reputation, and reliability so you can make sure the editor has the right skills for your project and will provide the expected service.


Another consideration when trying to find a dissertation proofreader is the turnaround. There are a variety of turnaround times and deadlines among professional dissertation proofreaders and dissertation proofreading service companies. Some promise a faster turnaround time, but this can also be associated with a higher cost or sacrifice in quality if the proofreader cannot perform as quickly as stated. Always confirm a clear deadline for receiving your fully proofread dissertation before agreeing to work with a dissertation proofreader. In addition to a firm deadline, select a dissertation proofreading company that is known for honoring its deadlines. This information is often provided by previous clients in reviews of professional proofreading services companies as well as in testimonials. It is stressful for graduate students in the dissertation writing stage to anticipate a deadline that’s not met by the dissertation proofreader, especially given the strict deadlines of university graduate schools.  


One last thing to consider when choosing a dissertation proofreader is the full set of policies of the proofreader or proofreading service. Before submitting your dissertation for proofreading, you should understand how and when you are required to make payments, who will be proofreading your dissertation, when your dissertation will be returned after the proofreading is complete, and how you will receive the final product.


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