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How Do I Find a Professional Editor?

Selecting the best editor is not unlike the other online purchases you make. When it is not possible to see or test an item prior to your purchase, it can be helpful to consider online reviews. However, as is the case with most products, relying solely on the reviews is just one way of narrowing down hundreds of options. The bottom line is that reviews are just one part of the selection process; even perfect reviews may not necessarily indicate whether a particular editor will be right for you. Like most purchases you make, you have a wide range of choices when hiring an editor. This brief article will provide you with some simple suggestions regarding the other types of indicators that can help you choose the best editor for your unique needs.

Four Tips for Finding a Professional Proofreader

We recommend you consider the following:

  1. History of the company. Whether or not you choose Editor World for your document, we strongly recommend you evaluate the history and overall reputation of the company you select. In doing so, ask yourself the following questions: (a) How long has the company operated? (b) What is their rating from the Better Business Bureau? (c) Does the website provide me with a way of contacting my editor or customer support if I have a problem? These are a few simple ways to evaluate the overall quality of a company in a sea of options.
  2. Editor background. Take a moment and think about the type of document that you need an editor to help you improve. Is it a scholarly research paper? A mystery novel? An employee handbook? Whatever document type you have, try to find an editor with at least some experience in that area. If you are a chemist interested in publishing an academic paper, an editor who is a former poet or author of young adult novels may not be the right fit. Instead, consider choosing an editor with a similar disciplinary background who is more familiar with the writing conventions in your area, whether that is academic, creative, or technical.
  3. Editor credentials. Explore your options, and consider choosing an editor with proven success in the type of writing you seek to improve. Someone writing a dissertation is likely to have a richer and more beneficial editing experience if they choose someone who has also written a dissertation; in this case, an editor with a Ph.D. would be a great choice.
  4. Your timeline and budget. In most cases, you will have a range of options in terms of turnaround time and cost. You might feel anxious and want your document returned to you as quickly as possible. However, if you have a few days to wait, it could significantly lower the cost. Another consideration is how the company or editor charges you. Put simply, the fairest way to pay is by word count. Some editing services charge by the page or by the time required to complete the work, but these approaches make it difficult to determine a firm price upfront. While price is important, it should not be the determining factor in your selection. There is certainly truth in the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

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