How Do I Find a Book Editor? | Book Editing & Proofreading Services

How to Find a Book Editor

If you have written a book and are trying to find a qualified book editor to help revise your book manuscript, there are several approaches you can take. First, you could contact a writing organization in your local area to see if they have any suggestions or a list of recommended book editors and book editing services. Second, you could contact the English Department at your local university or, if your local university has one, the Writing Center. The faculty and staff in these organizations will likely be able to steer you in the right direction. They generally have a list of possible book editors and/or book editing and proofreading services you could contact. A third way to find a book editor is to search online. This article provides some suggestions to assist you in identifying and connecting with the best book editor for you using an online search.


When writing any important document, and especially a book manuscript, you will always benefit from working with a professional editor who can help improve the flow, consistency, and overall professionalism. Although self-editing is an important component of writing, it is always a challenge to spot errors in your work and having a professional book editor review your manuscript will help you drastically improve your end product—your published book. A professional book editor looks at your book manuscript with “fresh” eyes and an objective point of view, both of which are important when undergoing the editing process.


While some writers prefer to find a book editor with extensive knowledge of the book’s subject matter, many professional editors have experience editing a wide range of materials and topics. It is not necessary to find someone who is a content expert in your specific book topic. However, it is important that your book editor has experience reviewing the general type of book you are writing, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, a collection of poetry, a memoir, or something else. Among book editors, many have a preference for editing nonfiction versus fiction, or vice versa, while some can competently edit both types of book manuscripts. If you are writing a nonfiction history book, an editor with experience and knowledge of nonfiction book manuscripts would be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you are writing a historical fiction novel, it would be important for the editor you choose to have experience with that type of book manuscript.


 A Tip for Finding a Book Editor

Perhaps the most helpful tip in finding the right editor for your book manuscript is to find an individual who has edited a similar book manuscript to yours that has been successfully published. Other helpful tips are to view the ratings and reviews of previous editing clients and to communicate with your editor before making any important decisions. With the many talented book editors available at, you are sure to find an experienced book editor to meet your personal needs.