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How to Find a Book Editing Service

When you’re writing a book manuscript, it’s not possible to move your work forward without going through the editing process. This is true whether you’re attempting to edit your manuscript yourself, having a friend or colleague to edit your book manuscript, or hiring a professional book editing service. If you’re new to the world of writing books, it can be challenging to know where to find professional book editing services. When you purchase book editing services, the editor will help you improve your book manuscript and get it ready for submission to an agent, editor, publisher, or help you prepare for self-publication.


Book editing services are used by writers who need to ensure that the book flows, has consistency in tone, is free of errors, and follows any required format or style. Book editors can offer suggestions in areas where rewriting or additional writing will be required. Using the services of a professional book editor is always a good idea before you deliver the finished manuscript, regardless of the recipient.


The question is, then, how can you find a reliable book editing service? When you purchase book editing services, what should you expect to be included? The following sections provide answers to these questions.


Finding a book editing and proofreading service


  1. Search online

Conducting an online search to find a book editing service is usually the first step writers take when they need to find a book editor. Companies that provide editing services (for example, Editor World) offer instant book editing services by professional editors who have experience editing books. Online platforms that provide book editing services are a win-win: you get fast, affordable editing of your book manuscript, and in many cases can choose your own book editor to review your manuscript.


There are many different places to find freelance book editors online, which can be confusing for writers. When searching for book editing services, there are two things you should verify. First, you want to make sure the editor who will be reviewing your book manuscript has extensive experience editing books and has some knowledge of your topic, whether that knowledge was gained through editing experience or through education or another process. You may want to ask for a sample edit of your book summary to make sure you’ll receive high-quality, professional services. Second, you want to verify how long it will take the editor to edit your book manuscript so you can make sure it will help you meet your deadlines.


In addition to gathering information on your book editor’s experience and the deadline you can expect, you should know how much it will cost to have your book manuscript edited. To compare the cost of various book editing services, you will likely need to have the word count and page count of your manuscript, because some book editing services may charge by the word count while others may set prices based on page count.


  1. Local search

If you prefer to find a book editing service locally, you can also search online for a service in your local area. You could search using “book editing services near me” or “book editing services [enter your city]”. If you live near a college or university, you can contact the English Department or a writing center if one exists to ask about book editing services they may know of.  If there are book writing groups or organizations in your area, they also likely have information to give you on how to find a book editor.


What to expect when you purchase book editing and proofreading services


If you are working on a book manuscript and submit it for book editing services, the editor can give you information on the process they follow when they edit a manuscript before you make any agreements. A book editor will generally focus on the following aspects of your book manuscript:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Word choice
  • Style
  • Tone
  • Flow of content and/or ideas


A second round of proofreading may be required after one or more rounds of editing to find any last remaining mistakes, typos, or spelling errors. A single round of editing is never sufficient for preparing and finalizing a book manuscript.


Given the global world we live in today, there are almost endless ways to find book editing services. Start by researching book editing services online to gather information on prices, editor credentials and experience, and turnaround times so you have a starting point for your expectations before making a purchase or talking to local book editing services or freelance book editors.


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