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How Do I Choose an Academic Proofreading Service?

Many academic proofreading services are available for you to choose from, and the process can be overwhelming. As an academic looking for proofreading services, consider your document type, preferences, and budget when choosing a professional proofreader. The quality of proofreading services varies, so you first need to research several individuals or companies that offer academic proofreading services. A few indicators of quality that you can compare are online ratings and reviews, length of time the company (or individual) has been offering proofreading services, the experience of the proofreader who will work on your document, and the prices charged. In addition, you should make sure the academic proofreading service states clear deadlines for any proofreading services you would purchase.


As you choose an academic proofreading service, the type of document you need to have professionally proofread can influence your decision. Are you working on a nonfiction book, journal article, white paper, personal document, or another type of document? Some individuals and companies provide broad proofreading services, covering all these types of documents, while others may focus more narrowly, such as only proofreading book manuscripts or dissertations. This is something you need to know before making a purchase.


If you need academic proofreading services on a regular basis, choosing a company that offers a team of proofreaders can be a benefit because you are able to develop a working relationship with several professional academic proofreaders. This gives you access to a proofreading team and you will always be able to hire a proofreader at any given moment, regardless of an individual proofreader’s vacation time or other obligations. Having experience working with several members of an academic proofreading team can also be helpful if you write a variety of document types, as you can choose the proofreader who has the most experience proofreading each specific type of document.


Before hiring an academic proofreader, you should clearly establish your goals and requirements. As the writer of the document, you also want to consider the turnaround times offered by various academic proofreading services. Some guarantee a faster turnaround time than others, although this can be associated with a higher price. Most importantly, make sure there is a clear deadline for receiving your proofread document before making a choice for academic proofreading services. In addition to having a clear deadline, you want to choose an academic proofreading service that is known for honoring its deadlines.


The final consideration to make when selecting an academic proofreading service is price. Before submitting your document to any proofreader, you should clearly understand the total fee you will pay and what you can expect from the final product. As a paying customer, you must fully understand the policies of any academic proofreading service you are interested in before submitting your document for proofreading.

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