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How to Choose an ESL Editing & Proofreading Service

ESL writers, or English as a Second Language writers, have many professional editing and proofreading services available online. Each person in need of ESL editing should first think about their needs, preferences, and budget when choosing a professional ESL editing and proofreading service. Professional ESL editors vary in quality and reputation, so it is important to first conduct research on companies offering professional ESL editing and proofreading services. After narrowing it down to a few choices, it is easier to compare those two to three ESL editing and proofreading services in more depth. Things to consider are the company’s ratings and reviews from a variety of sources, the length of time the company has been offering services, and how much the company charges for ESL editing services. In addition to assessing the company, it is important to verify the skills and experience of the ESL editors and proforeaders who provide ESL editing and proofreading services through the company.


In choosing an ESL editing and proofreading service, first consider the document you want to have professionally edited. Is it a fiction book, a nonfiction book, an academic paper, a journal article, a white paper, a business document, a personal document, or something else? Some ESL editing services provide a broad array of editing services, covering all of these types of documents, while others have a niche and focus more narrowly, perhaps only on editing book manuscripts or academic documents. Some editing companies provide a separate service for ESL writers, while others do not charge an extra price for ESL editing. If you purchase ESL editing and proofreading services regularly, it could be a benefit to choose a company that offers a team of professional ESL editors and proofreaders so you feel comfortable submitting your document to several editors. This way you can hire an editor at any given moment, rather than waiting on editor availability. Having a team of ESL proofreaders also helps when you need revisions for various types of documents. With an ESL editing and proofreading services team, you can choose the editor who’s the best fit for each unique document type.

Types of ESL Editing & Proofreading Services

Another consideration in choosing an ESL editing and proofreading service is the level of editing you desire. Are you looking for more extensive revisions and feedback, or a simple copyedit of your document with limited comments from the ESL editor? You should clearly establish your goals and the requirements of the ESL editor, such as a certain degree or familiarity with a tropic, before hiring them or agreeing to pay for ESL editing services. You also need to consider the turnaround times offered by different ESL editing service companies. Some ESL editing service companies offer a faster turnaround time, but sometimes this comes with a higher cost. Regardless of the turnaround time, the ESL editor or editing and proofreading services company should provide a clear deadline for when you will receive your edited document. It is important to verify that the ESL editor you choose is known for honoring stated deadlines (this information is often provided in third-party reviews of the professional editing services company or in individual editor profiles). One frustrating situation is anticipating a deadline that’s not met by the ESL editor.


A final factor to consider when choosing an ESL editing and proofreading service is the cost to edit your document. Before submitting your document to any ESL editor or editing and proofreading service, you should clearly understand the total price and what is provided in that price. Does the price you’re quoted include a single round of editing or does it include multiple rounds of editing and proofreading? As discussed in this article, every ESL writer should consider several things when choosing an ESL editor or editing and proofreading service. As a paying customer of editing and proofreading services, it is important to fully understand all policies of the editor or editing and proofreading service you hire before submitting your document.

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