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5 Reasons Why Authors Need a Book Editor

Hiring a professional editor and proofreader is invaluable for self-publishing authors, helping them to improve their self-published book in several ways. When writing and publishing a book, revising the manuscript multiple times, with a final round of proofreading, is a necessity. The sections below discuss five reasons why authors should hire a professional editor and proofreader before self-publishing any manuscript.


  1. Developing a clear, focused manuscript that flows well

It’s hard when writing a book to make sure the overall message is clear and focused so the reader can easily follow along. A professional book editor will review the manuscript to make sure the author’s message is clear and that it flows from one paragraph to another, and from one chapter to the next. A professional editor may point out sections that don’t flow or suggest moving text within the book to make it easier to read.


  1. Language and tone suggestions

Professional book editors can also help by improving the tone of the document, making sure the right tone is used for a given subject and that it is used consistently throughout the document. For example, a dry, academic tone may not be appropriate for a book that has a goal of entertaining the reader. In contrast, a joking tone may not be appropriate for a book on a sad topic. A professional book editor also focuses on word choice, making sure it is appropriate for the topic, and reviews for tense consistency (i.e., past tense, present tense, or future tense) and point of view (i.e., first person, third person) throughout the book.


  1. Correcting errors and other mistakes

A book editor reviews the entire manuscript for errors related to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Professional book editors check for consistent formatting and remove other typographical errors. While the content of a self-published book is important, a book with a high number of errors and typos will lead readers to discredit its professionalism and reputation. This can be avoided by submitting a book manuscript to a professional editor and proofreader. Ideally, an author will have at least one round of editing on the book and also have a final round of proofreading before printing or submitting the manuscript as an e-book.  


  1. Consistent formatting

The formatting of a book should be consistent throughout the entire text. This includes how chapters and paragraphs are formatted, as well as the structure of any headlines and breaks within a chapter. One common style guide for fiction and nonfiction books is the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). A professional editor should have a clear understanding of writing styles and make sure the entire book follows relevant guidelines.


  1. Increased knowledge on writing

A fifth benefit of working with a professional editor and proofreader when writing a book is that it increases the author’s understanding of grammar and punctuation standards, style guidelines, and tendencies or trends within the book text. This is important information for an author who wishes to continue writing books. Many people dread writing even though they have important information to communicate in a book or in other forms. Working with a professional editor and proofreader minimizes the stress found within the writing process, helping authors create error-free, well-written books.

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