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As a premier English writing, editing, and proofreading services provider in Japan, Editor World helps academics, businesses, authors, professionals, and other writers, from Kumamoto to Sapporo, confidently present their written work. Our professional writers and editors carefully and thoroughly edit your materials at affordable rates. Whether you are looking for a professional editor for a dissertation or a writer for a business document, book, CV, or another type of written document, Editor World helps you enhance your work and reputation.



English Language Editing Services Since 2010.

Regardless of the type of document, Editor World’s professional writers and editors help our Japanese clients ensure error-free documents. All writers and editors are native English speakers from the USA, Canada, or the UK. We also verify the credentials of our providers and test their writing, editing, and proofreading skills before hiring them. Many of the editors have earned a master’s degree and a doctorate at top universities in the United States. Our writing, editing, and proofreading services ensure that your writing is presented professionally and that it is free of embarrassing errors.

Editor World is a preferred writing, editing, and proofreading service for Japanese faculty and students, authors, researchers, scientists, business owners, and others who are looking to perfect their English documents. This includes professionals and writers in Tokyo, Sendai, Yoshida, Uji, Katsura, and other places in Japan. Editor World provides a variety of turnaround times that help you meet important deadlines, and our editing services help you demonstrate your expertise. The process is simple: select an editor, upload your file, choose your turnaround time, submit payment through our secure website or PayPal, and take a well-deserved rest while we perfect your document.


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  • Are you a professor at Tohoku University, Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Technology, Kyushu University, or another university in Japan who is publishing research in English academic journals? Are you a student who needs help with an important academic document? Editor World helps make sure your research paper, journal manuscript, book, statement of purpose, dissertation, thesis, and other academic documents are free of embarrassing mistakes. Our services help academics improve their chances of publication.
  • Our professional editors have experience editing and proofreading fiction and nonfiction books, novels, memoirs, resumes, and more. If you need any type of professional editing and proofreading services, Editor World can help.
  • At Editor World, we work with business professionals across the world, including in Japan, to polish interpersonal communication such as emails, business proposals, marketing materials, websites, newsletters, and other English text. Whether you are a business professional working for a corporation, are starting a business, want to gain new clients, or are applying for a job within Japan or in another location, Editor World helps perfect your important documents, enhancing your reputation.
  • Have you written your first novel and plan to self-publish? Editor World’s professional editors and proofreaders have helped authors in Japan who are writing and publishing their work in English. We help enhance your status by ensuring that your manuscript is grammatically correct, flows well, is consistent throughout, and is free of errors.
  • People who speak Japanese as their first language use Editor World to ensure that their English documents are grammatically correct and can be easily understood by the reader. Our editors have worked on documents for writers in more than 55 countries around the world, including researchers, academic faculty and students, business professionals, authors, and others in Japan. Many of our clients are Japanese professionals studying or working in the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom.
  • Editor World offers fast, affordable, and high-quality editing and proofreading services. When you have a short document written in English that needs to be edited, submit for same-day editing services and have the edited file returned in as soon as 2 hours!
  • At Editor World, you can choose your own editor and communicate with them throughout the editing process in our internal editor-client message system.



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If you are new to Editor World and would like to contact a writer or editor with questions or receive a free sample edit before submitting your document for editing and proofreading services, we are here to help! We offer high-quality writing, rewriting, paraphrasing, editing, and proofreading services at affordable prices, with an  instant price calculator. Editor World is also available for  academic editingdissertation editing, thesis proofreading, and so much more!