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Writers and other professionals in Oslo, Norway use the writing, editing, and proofreading services of Editor World to save time and present important written documents with confidence. The presentation and professionalism of your written documents can influence your career and enhance your personal and professional reputation. Our fast, affordable editing and proofreading services ensure that your documents are flawlessly written. When preparing business documents, academic manuscripts, personal files, and other English documents, Editor World can help. Our prices are affordable and transparent. We provide an instant price calculator that allows you to view prices for editing and proofreading services in Norwegian kroner or the US dollar. Our editing and proofreading services platform gives you the ability to choose the professional editor who edits your documents. 


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Our English writing, editing, and proofreading services help you excel.


As the top editing and proofreading services marketplace for improving English documents, the professional editors at Editor World love to help you excel in your professional and personal life. Editor World’s professional editing and proofreading services help you perfect every English manuscript you write.


  • Professors, including research professors, associate professors, research fellows, and research assistants at the University of Oslo, Oslo Metropolitan University, and other universities in Oslo and throughout Norway, use Editor World’s English editing and proofreading services to develop clearly written, professional documents. We make sure your journal manuscripts, research papers, books, school assignments, and other academic manuscripts are clear, concise, and easily understood by the reader. Our editing services help you succeed in your career and increase the likelihood of having your manuscripts accepted for publication.
  • Entrepreneurs starting a business, executives trying to gain new clients, and professionals applying for jobs in Oslo, Norway and other locations use Editor World’s editing and proofreading services to create high-quality English documents. Entrepreneurs, executives, and other business professionals located in Oslo, Norway, from the Royal Palace to Oslo Central and beyond, count on Editor World to perfect their business documents.
  • For any document written in English, we can assist with making the final improvements. The documents we edit include business documents, academic papers, fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, family histories, other manuscripts, and more. When you submit your documents to Editor World, you can be confident in our fast, affordable, and high-quality editing and proofreading services. Our goal is to leave every client 100% satisfied.
  • For those who speak Norwegian or another language as their first language, Editor World is an important tool to make sure their English documents are written as if by a native English speaker. Our expert editors edit documents for writers in more than 60 countries around the world. Our regular clients include academic faculty and students, business professionals, and writers located in Oslo, Norway.


Editor World's Professional Editing Services


Our team only includes native English writers and editors.


At Editor World, every editor’s credentials are reviewed extensively and we require successful completion of an editing and proofreading skills test before hiring anyone. All professional editors with Editor World are native English speakers who edit documents following US or UK English (depending on your preference).


Our team of editors have decades of experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. Every expert editor at Editor World is highly skilled and focused on providing high-quality editing services for each client.


Editor World is the preferred English editing service for Norwegian business owners, faculty and students, researchers and scientists, writers, executives, entrepreneurs, and others looking to perfect their writing. The strict turnaround times at Editor World help you meet important deadlines. Simply upload your document, choose how quickly you need the document returned, complete payment, and take a well-deserved break while we revise your document.


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At Editor World, our mission is to provide fast, affordable editing services and exceptional customer service for our clients. If you would like to communicate with an editor before purchasing editing and proofreading services, we can help! Click below to register and contact an editor who you think would be a good fit for revising your documents.


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